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the angels in my life (aka the coaches who’ve changed my life)

Food used to be a battle for me. Binge eating. All the diets. Feeling like I was on a tortured rollercoaster that I couldn’t get myself off of.

But, I knew there had to be a better way.

I craved ease with food. Freedom. To be one of those women who ate what she wanted, could seamlessly balance eating croissants and salad without overthinking, and was at peace in her body.

After years of spiraling within my food issues, I finally hired my very first coach.

I needed help. Someone who ‘got it’ and could lead me out of it.

I was finally open to getting out of my own head, my own patterns, my own way of being, and letting someone else show me a new way.

That decision changed my life. I became one of those women I always wanted to be and feel grateful every day that food feels so ‘easy’ now.


A few years later, I could tell I was stuck in my dating life.

I had plenty of guy ‘friends’ but felt like there were a hundred little blocks stopping me from having a healthy romantic relationship.

I knew the problem wasn’t on the outside — it was on the inside. Clearly there was a bunch of internal muck that was stopping me from having what I wanted so badly.

So, I hired a relationship coach.

Again, I was ready to change. I was tired of seeing myself experience the same patterns over and over again, and I wanted a new experience. I was ready to go deep to shift internally, so my outside world could change.

That experience rocked my world. I completely changed how I showed up in my dating life, and found myself in my first serious relationship just a few months later.

Although that relationship wasn’t ‘the one’, I credit the marriage I have today to investing in this coach in my twenties.


Last year, I made the biggest investment of them all — in a business coach I admired so much.

While my business has been successful over the years, I wanted more JOY from my business.

More ease. More lightness. More simplicity.

I wanted to absolutely love how I was showing up every day in my work, and I knew it was possible.

So I hired a coach who embodies exactly this in her business — and I got an intimate, behind-the-scenes view into how she thinks and operates in life and business.

She guided me toward the most joy I have ever experienced in my business — finally getting to feel the way I always wanted to about my work. She showed me a new way that I had always wanted to step into. It changed how I work, and showed me what’s possible for me.

I hear her voice in my head all the time, and the impact keeps trickling through.


All of these coaches (+ so many more) are the angels who have ushered me through major changes in my life.

They’ve picked me up when I’ve felt stuck, unable to get out of my own way. They’ve broken down the internal muck that was stopping me from experiencing everything I’ve wanted. They’ve held a vision for what’s possible for me, and slowly guided me toward it.

Did they do the work for me? Absolutely not.

I had to do that part.

But they held the space and gave me the tools and inspiration to get there. They’ve intimately ‘held’ me through the process of growing.

And this… is why I care about private coaching so much, and why it’s always a part of my business.

Coaching can change your life. The impact is enormous. It is truly life-changing.

If you’re feeling stuck and like you know there’s a better way, but you can’t quite get there on your own… I just want you to know there are wonderful people who can help you. Like I keep saying, you don’t have to do it alone.

Whether or not I’m the right coach for you, only you know that. But if you think I might be, and you want me to help guide you through this next phase in your life, you are welcome to apply to my 1:1 coaching program as I just opened up a handful of spots.

Like we say in my household,

‘same inputs, same outputs.’

‘new inputs, new outputs.’

If you’re ready for new inputs so you can create new outputs, if you’re ready for a new experience, if you’re ready to move through your ‘stuckness’, if you’re ready for a phase of deep growth, I’m here for you. 💓

You can read more about 1:1 coaching here + apply here.

P.S. The coaches I am referring to here in this post are Cora Poage, Kavita Patel, and Ashae Sundara, in that order. Other coaches who I love so much and have changed my life are Jennifer Racioppi + Blair Badenhop. xx!


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This place is for you: To explore what your soul needs to hear today.

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