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I recently reached my Dream Weight…and why it doesn’t matter anymore

(published in 2014) I always wanted to reach that one special number on the scale. That magic number that meant that I had arrived. Life was going to be amazing now. I was going to feel confident now. I was going to find love now. I was going to get attention now. You know how…


The Mistake Most People Make When Losing Weight

Hey there! I hope you had a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend. We decided to stay in the city this weekend and just chill — we had lazy mornings, lots of good times with our friends and spent many hours outside in the sun. I can’t really ask for anything more! This weekend was also filled…


Why do you want to lose weight?

Hello from freezing cold NYC! I am tucked away in a coffee shop in Brooklyn in three layers, a scarf, and a hot cup of coffee, and my toes are still numb. Oh well, I’m trying to look at the winter time as being “romantic”. Let’s see how that goes… 🙂 I want to talk…


One Woman’s Reflection on Her Struggle with Food

Wow. I usually don’t post two days in a row, but I just had to send this out. This morning, one of the women in my Intuitive Eating Challenge wrote the message that you see below. When I first read this, my heart sank. I actually felt like crying. But then my heart was filled…