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Moose tracks ice cream, wood-fired pizza, and amazing vino

I hope you had an awesome weekend. My weekend was so great – fun, relaxing, meaningful (I rappelled down a 22 story building for a charity — more to come on this!), and delicious. As I moved through my weekend enjoying wood-fired pizza, homemade gooey burrata, moose tracks + cookies and cream ice cream, amazing…


Does your inner critic exhaust you?

Hey there!  The other day, I came home from a long day out and about, and I realized how exhausted I felt. But, not necessarily physically exhausted. Mentally exhausted. I endearingly laughed to myself as I thought “Jamie you exhausted yourself!” My worries, concerns, and fears were swirling around in my head all day long….


What I care about more than how much I weigh

I really have absolutely no idea how much I weigh, which is actually quite interesting considering I spent YEARS of my life weighing myself daily. If you asked me to throw out a guess, I don’t even think I could give you a guess within 10 pounds of accuracy. I really have no clue. And…


There’s Nothing Wrong With You Because You’re Preoccupied With Food

Hey there, I want to tell you something that I think you might need to hear: There’s nothing wrong with you because you constantly think about food.  There’s nothing wrong with you because you’re overweight.  There’s nothing wrong with you because you overeat, undereat, or binge.  There’s nothing wrong with you because you can’t seem…