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How well do you really KNOW yourself?

I’m sitting in a gorgeous new-to-me coffee shop in Brooklyn, sipping an Americano, and about to meet up with a new friend. I’m wearing an outfit I love, chatting with clients who I adore working with, and excited to rest this afternoon because I’ve been feeling tired today and I know my body needs rest….


I’m insecure, I’m insecure, I’m insecure

Today I am going to get pretty personal with you… because recently I had to get really personal with myself. Several years ago, my coach sent me a book called The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford and it made a huge impact on me. I remember reading it and feeling… woah….


The one little “thought” that dictated 10 years of my life

Hey there, I hosted a workshop that I’m so excited to share with you on a really important topic: Your Inner Critic. Ah, that pesky little thing. ​​​​​​​ It’s always there. And, if you actually slow down enough to listen to the voice in your head all day long, you’ll realize just how THERE it…


how F U L L Y can you love your life? let’s up the bar.

If I think back on my life several years ago, there was such a disconnect between what I wanted for myself, and what my life actually looked like. I always had this future image of myself. Who I wanted to be. What I wanted to look like. How I wanted to feel in my skin….