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the power and importance of pleasure

As I sit here in a coffee shop in Seattle, with a fire roaring next to me, views of the ocean surrounding me, and sipping my cold brew, it seems like an appropriate time to talk about pleasure. There was a (long) time in my life when life felt hard. Really hard. Stiff. Stressful. Constantly stressful….


Life Doesnt Have To Be So Hard: Why Ditching This Way of Thinking Can Help you Lose Weight

I used to think that life had to be so hard. I had to work SO hard to get good grades, I had to choose a study group instead of a party in order to be successful, I had to commit to running 6 days a week in order to be skinny, I had to…


14 Ways To Make Your Work Week Feel More Like The Weekends

I was talking to one of my clients last week about a really important topic – she is a lawyer in NYC so, as you can imagine, has a really busy schedule. Currently, she’s working on getting over the Diet Mentality so that she can enjoy her life more. She wants to stop counting calories…