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I want you to experience MORE Great Days….here’s how.

Last week, I got on the phone with one of my clients and she was telling me how everything was going SO well. She was feeling great, things were flowing, she wasn’t emotionally eating,… things just felt GOOD. She started to breeze over the “goodness” of how she was feeling, but I slowed her down….


If we were having coffee right now, this is what I’d tell you…

I’m sitting in my favorite little cafe and am SO excited to get to write to you today. These “If we were having coffee right now…” posts are my absolute favorite because I get to just catch up with you like we’re friends catching up over a coffee! Or a matcha! Or whatever beverages we…


How I’m Staying Sane During a Really Busy Time…

I want to talk to you today about a topic that I am currently living out this week as we speak… How to stay sane, grounded and calm during your busiest times. One thing about life / business is that things always ebb and flow. There are times for pushing hard toward our goals, and…


How well do you really KNOW yourself?

I’m sitting in a gorgeous new-to-me coffee shop in Brooklyn, sipping an Americano, and about to meet up with a new friend. I’m wearing an outfit I love, chatting with clients who I adore working with, and excited to rest this afternoon because I’ve been feeling tired today and I know my body needs rest….