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When your “crap” comes back just when you thought you were over it

I hope you’ve been having a great week! I went to a super intense retreat up at Kripalu in Massachusetts this weekend, and have been coming down from that experience this week, so there has been a ton of sleeping and self-care. I cannot wait to share what I learned with you. Stay tuned! Today,…


What I care about more than how much I weigh

I really have absolutely no idea how much I weigh, which is actually quite interesting considering I spent YEARS of my life weighing myself daily. If you asked me to throw out a guess, I don’t even think I could give you a guess within 10 pounds of accuracy. I really have no clue. And…


Connect to your intuition and make decisions more easily [VIDEO]

Oh boy, I used to be horrible at listening to my intuition. I never knew what I wanted to eat. I would go on dates and come home not knowing how I felt about the guy who I’d just sat across from for two hours. Decisions, in general, were so hard for me. In the past 5 years,…


What if you let your inner foodie flag fly?

Yesterday, I sat in a cafe across from my client and we were talking through her relationship with food. Frustrated, she had written me an email prior to our session saying “…all this mental stuff sometimes leads to a paralysis around food because I just sit there having no idea what I want to eat…