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Her Story: in one year, how she found food freedom & body acceptance

Alice and I recently connected during my travels in Asia because she was traveling in Portugal at the same time and was messaging me about how excited she was to experience traveling with her newfound food freedom. She initially enrolled in The 21 Day Intuitive Eating Challenge a year ago, and has since then gone…


One Woman’s Reflection on Her Struggle with Food

Wow. I usually don’t post two days in a row, but I just had to send this out. This morning, one of the women in my Intuitive Eating Challenge wrote the message that you see below. When I first read this, my heart sank. I actually felt like crying. But then my heart was filled…


The Week I Talked To 35 Women About Their “Food Issues”

After running the February Intuitive Eating Challenge, I strongly felt that the next time I did the challenge, I should add an initial and final one-on-one coaching call for me to connect with each of the women, personally. I wanted to understand them better, and I wanted them to feel a connection to me as…