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how to make the ‘right’ decisions for YOU

Making decisions. Ooooof. It’s something I can’t say I am “quick” or especially “good” at. Well, in certain areas of my life I am. What should I have for lunch? Easy. So easy for me to know what my body wants. No overthinking. I just know. (P.S. It took me YEARS to get here… it…


Connect to your intuition and make decisions more easily [VIDEO]

Oh boy, I used to be horrible at listening to my intuition. I never knew what I wanted to eat. I would go on dates and come home not knowing how I felt about the guy who I’d just sat across from for two hours. Decisions, in general, were so hard for me. In the past 5 years,…


What If Your Way Was The Right Way?

Hey there! Happy Snow Day! I’m at home in Connecticut, writing from a comfy couch overlooking the 4 inches of snow we just got here. It’s absolutely beautiful and I hope you’re having a beautiful day as well. This morning I was talking to one of my clients who started off the call by saying……