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How to get it alllll done (+ still have time for YOU, too)

As I am writing this, I’m hours away from leaving on vacation for 4 days to Vermont, followed by a week long trip to Santa Barbara to run a retreat for entrepreneurs. I am literally laying here taking deep breaths while I write in order to stay calm — I have SO much to get…


I’m not really exercising, and here’s why

First of all, thanks for all the love on my newsletter last week about my love life. I LOVED reading through all of your responses – so many of you shared your stories about your own journey in love and it was so heart-warming to read. So thank you! Now for this week… I thought I…


What are you making your extra weight mean about you?

The other day I was on the phone with one of my new private clients and we were talking about why she feels so uncomfortable in her current body. She’s someone who has been emotionally and binge eating for years and years, can’t seem to figure it out, and as a result, is carrying around…


I want you to experience MORE Great Days….here’s how.

Last week, I got on the phone with one of my clients and she was telling me how everything was going SO well. She was feeling great, things were flowing, she wasn’t emotionally eating,… things just felt GOOD. She started to breeze over the “goodness” of how she was feeling, but I slowed her down….