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How to feel more confident

Confidence is such a funny thing. We had it when we were little — naively unaware of judgement from others or the need to censor our behavior or “fit in”. Think about your toddler or a toddler you know — they don’t have a “self-esteem” issue, right? They are who they are unapologetically, free from…


On Self Acceptance: 7 Things I’ve Learned to Accept About Myself (and tell me yours)

A theme that’s been coming up in my client sessions these past couple of weeks is self-acceptance. It’s common that when I start working with women, their sessions are filled with “shoulds” (ex. I should work harder, be a better mother, be able to get this whole food thing right), and constantly beating themselves up for…


Why do you want to lose weight?

Hello from freezing cold NYC! I am tucked away in a coffee shop in Brooklyn in three layers, a scarf, and a hot cup of coffee, and my toes are still numb. Oh well, I’m trying to look at the winter time as being “romantic”. Let’s see how that goes… 🙂 I want to talk…