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Pregnancy Self-Care (with Simi Botic)

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends and are easing back into the swing of things this week. I was home in Connecticut with my family and loved every minute of being surrounded by the people I love. There’s just nothing quite like family time.

Today, I’m so excited to bring a special interview to you with one of my favorite people, Simi Botic. I had such a good time interviewing her all about pregnancy self-care.

As you know, I am all about exploring self-care in all aspects of our lives, and I believe that what our personal self-care looks like is constantly evolving and changing as our lives ebb and flow.

Of course, something like pregnancy brings forth a whole new and different level of mental, emotional and physical self-care.

While it’s not something I have personally gone through, I had the privilege of coaching Simi while she was pregnant (we did a year of business coaching) and was so blown away by how she handled all aspects of what her pregnancy brought up.

I was so impressed, that I wanted to interview Simi and bring her experience and perspective to all of you.

For those of you who are considering trying to get pregnant, who are in the thick of the journey, are pregnant, or are new moms, I think you’ll find this interview to be particularly interesting.

And even if pregnancy is totally not on your radar, I know you’ll still learn a lot from this just in terms of how Simi deals with challenges, navigating her marriage, following her deepest desires, being compassionate toward herself and her body, and handling her emotions.

I am so pumped to bring this to you today, and I hope you love it!

And if you want more from Simi, here are some more resources and ways to keep in touch:

A post Simi wrote about how she prepared for maternity leave as an entrepreneur

Simi’s instagram

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Some highlights:

4:00 Simi’s unexpected shift around wanting to have a baby earlier than she had “planned” and how she handled that within her marriage

9:00 We speak a lot about fears / anxiety around fertility (and hormonal health) and everything that emotionally comes with wanting to get pregnant but fearing you won’t be able to

17:20 Simi’s take on becoming rigid around food / diet in order to increase chances of being able to become pregnant and the stress that can come along with this way of being

20:00 Simi had a really rough pregnancy, physically. She had hyperemesis and was very sick. She speaks about how she handled the physical and emotional challenges that came with this.

26:00 We dive into how hard it is to sometimes ask for support from our friends and family and how Simi moved past her fear of rejection and started asking for what she needed

30:00 How Simi and Tim’s (her husband) relationship evolved and grew throughout pregnancy, and how she dealt with relationship fears and insecurities that her pregnancy brought up

36:30 How Simi started to think about preparing her business for maternity leave from a self-care perspective

42:00 I ask Simi where her “self-care edges” are, where she is being challenged / pushed within her own self-care

46:00 How pregnancy and the need to ask for support and push her ability to receive has changed her relationships for the better, and has also helped her love herself more

53:00 Simi’s really unique and beautiful philosophy around how she wants to raise Osh and how her and Tim are keeping their sense of selves while parenting



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This place is for you: To explore what your soul needs to hear today.

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