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My Curated Holiday Gift Guide is HERE!

Hi hi and happy holidays!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving despite the unusual circumstances this year. Ryan and I were lucky enough to get to spend Thanksgiving with both sets of our parents and we all cooked an absurd amount of food that we are still eating, 5 days later… as it should be! 🙂

Although I am a little late to the game, I am assuming some of you are still in search of holiday gifts for your loved ones (as am I!), so wanted to send you a curated (not overwhelming!) little gift guide with a few of my favorite things. I hope this helps in your gift search!

I also want to remind you that if money is tight this year, or if it simply doesn’t feel aligned for you to buy a bunch of gifts, a sweet card or an “I Love You”, or something homemade is OKAY too!! Let’s all try to be intentional about how we go about shopping and gifting, especially this year.

With that being said, here are a few of my favorite things. You’ll see most are from small businesses which I always try to support and shop from personally.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I do partner with two brands and two brands only that I LOVE and have loved for years: Primally Pure and Hu Kitchen Chocolate (you can see where my priorities are – chocolate and luscious beauty products hehe!). I only partner with these two companies because I 100% stand behind the brand and was already using their products on my own anyway. I receive a small commission if you use my discount codes for these products, but NO PRESSURE EVER to use them. 

Now, let’s get to it!


This is from Wolf Ceramics

This is from Commune Pottery

For someone who likes to cozy up with a good cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, you can’t go wrong with a cool mug!

These are two small shops I’ve fallen in love with lately for their ceramics. Not only do they have mugs, but they have planters, dishware and other home goods. Check these out!

Wolf Ceramics

Commune Pottery


Primally Pure is my go-to brand for any sort of skincare and self-care. I’ve used their products for years now and am just obsessed. Everything is made from THE BEST non-toxic ingredients, it all smells amazing and WORKS. My face was so dry and splotchy before I started using their cleansing oil, and now my skin feels so hydrated and even-toned. I honestly look forward to using their products every single day – it always feels like a little moment of luxury.

A few of my favorite products from them (and you can use code ‘JAMIEM25’ for 25% through tonight! If shopping after Monday Nov 30th, 2020 use code ‘JAMIE’ for 10% off always):

The Cleansing Oil (I use the one for dry skin. I use it every night as my cleanser and I really think using an oil cleanser has changed my skin (I don’t cleanse in the morning)).

Note: they have this awesome new skincare quiz that tells you exactly what your morning routine + evening routine can look like based on your answers – I actually learned a lot from it!

The Plumping Serum (I apply this every night after using the Cleansing Oil and sometimes in the morning, too.)

The Body Butter (trust me you or whoever you gift this to will feel like you indulged in an expensive spa day when you put this stuff on!). They also just came out with a HOLIDAY BODY BUTTER which I haven’t tried yet but it sounds delicious and would be such a fun gift paired with their Holiday Candle or Holiday Body Wash!

The Seasonal Room Spray (I keep it in my office and it is such a nice afternoon uplifter!)

The CBD Mask (it smells like weed – hehe kinda love it – but is so calming for the skin!)

The Lemongrass Body Oil (I use this on special occasions after the shower… DIVINE and such a nice special gift for someone!).

You really can’t go wrong shopping their site. Use CODE JAMIEM25 for 25% off your order!!! (ends Monday at midnight!!)


This is one of my favorite purchases of 2020 and would make a great self-care gift for someone you love. What I love about diffusers is that you can put in so many different kinds of scents based on your mood, they are way more cost effective than candles which you always burn through and then just throw out, and they are also a very healthy way to scent your home. A lot of candles have toxic ingredients that can be harmful to your health, but in diffusers you can use high quality essential oils without artificial fragrances and chemicals that are released when you burn normal candles (more on non-toxic candles later!).

I also love how this one looks really pretty! I usually diffuse with essential oils from Primally Pure (use code JAMIEM25 for 25% off the oils until midnight tonight or use code JAMIE after that for 10% always). Here’s the diffuser again — they are running free shipping right now!


One of my favorite clothing brands from the last few years is MATE THE LABEL. All of their clothing is made from organic cotton and is so soft, durable, and cute! A few things I’d recommend: these face masks – I’ve gotten so many people turned on to these. They are so so so soft on your face, made from organic cotton, washable, and pretty! Their sweats (I have their classic joggers in Sedona), their t-shirts, etc. They are offering 30% off sitewide right now, which I have never seen happen before!


For your chocolate lover (or YOU), Hu Kitchen chocolate is just the best. It has no refined sugars, no sugar alcohols, no palm oil, no emulsifiers and no soy lecithin (all of which can be found in most chocolate)! It’s JUST the good, real stuff and I eat it every single day.

My favorite bars are the Salty Dark, and the Crunchy Mint. I also use the Gems in just about everything we bake and love being able to just grab a few gems when I want a small dose. They have a cute little Holiday Set, and I also think the Hu Kitchen Variety Pack makes such a nice gift. They are offering 25% off right now which never happens! Send to a friend or stock up for YOU because you deserve some delicious chocolate 🙂  USE CODE ‘JAMIE’ for 10% off (not entirely sure if this adds on to the 25% they are offering, but give it a try! If you miss their sale, you can always use my code for 10% off). 


Kerri Rosenthal is a local artist from the town I am from in Connecticut and she has so many gifts I know you guys are going to love. Anytime I wear something from her or someone sees something I have of hers, I always get asked where I got it from. She sells her actual paintings and prints, but then also has a whole shop of clothing and home gifts with her artwork printed on it. I have her LOVE sweatshirt, Good Fortune tee, Love Is Here Candle, and a couple of her art prints. Ryan and I also got these little Blocks of Love for our moms this year for mothers day and they loved them.

She also has a Holiday Shop with the cutest freakin’ ornaments! Take a look around her site – you’ll be hooked!

A block of love from Kerri!


Okay so I can’t quite vouch for this yet, but this is what I asked for for Hanukkah this year. I’ve only read extremely positive reviews, and have had my eye on this for a long time now. They are running a HUGE promotion right now – usually the pan is $145 and right now it’s only $95! If you know someone (or yourself) who is looking for a safe nonstick pan that does it all, check out the Always Pan! I asked for mine in the “SPICE” color but also love the Steam, Char, and Lavender.


These are always a good gift! Like I mentioned earlier, most candles can actually let off a lot of chemicals into the air that can be harmful for our health, so I always try to buy and gift non-toxic candles. It takes a little more hunting to find good ones, but it’s so worth it to enjoy the experience without the health risk!

Primally Pure has a Holiday Candle which looks DELISH (it’s made with vanilla, black spruce and cinnamon essential oils – hello holiday smells!) and I just ordered THESE from Follain for a special someone on my list. Speaking of Follain, they are a clean beauty company that has tons and tons of clean beauty products from different brands and are currently doing 20% off + free shipping. I use them for clean makeup, hair products, and now these candles!


You guys know I LOVE my matcha and making matcha lattes in the morning (HERE is a tutorial for how I do it!) and my favorite matcha brand, Matchaful, (I am so specific on what brand I like – it really does matter!) has some great gift sets. I love this Ritual Gift Set for someone who you think may want to up their matcha game. They are offering 20% off through tonight (Monday) at midnight!

Last but not least, Mountain Rose Herbs is my favorite place to get loose leaf tea which is always a nice gift (maybe along with a strainer and a cute mug?). You can get lost on their website looking at all they have to offer – teas, tea sets, tea accessories, aromatherapy, etc. etc. Have fun!!

I hope you enjoyed this little guide to some of my favorite products that I think would make great, nourishing gifts for the people you love. Let me know if you have any questions, and happy happy happy holiday season from my home to yours.

Lots of love,


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