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Moose tracks ice cream, wood-fired pizza, and amazing vino


I hope you had an awesome weekend.

My weekend was so great – fun, relaxing, meaningful (I rappelled down a 22 story building for a charity — more to come on this!), and delicious.

As I moved through my weekend enjoying wood-fired pizza, homemade gooey burrata, moose tracks + cookies and cream ice cream, amazing wine, and an epic cheese board with the people I love, I couldn’t help but think how different things are in terms of my relationship with food than they used to be.

I feel so grateful, and it’s these weekends that make me even more passionate about my work and why I want to help people heal their own relationship with food.

Because I’ve been there.

I’ve been in the trenches.

I remember, so vividly, how painful it used to feel when I’d agonize over every food decision. 

Cheese boards at events would taunt me. Just sitting there for hours, testing my willpower.
The decision to have or not have ice cream would drain me. And if I did have it, it would be the low calorie, sugar free, taste free kind, and I would try to convince myself that it was delicious. If I drank wine, I would feel guilty for having “pointless calories”.

And pizza… pizza would only be eaten when I’d come home after a night of drinking and my willpower was worn down. Then, I’d beat myself up the next morning and come up with a new “plan” to get back on track. Pizza was never enjoyed just for FUN because I felt like it.

I could go on and on. I could tell story after story after story.

I remember it all like it was yesterday.
The overanalyzing.
The “good days” and “bad days”.
The epic binges, night after night.
The 1,000,000 food thoughts every day.
The crying every time I failed at keeping up a diet.

And then the side effects…
Watching my life pass me by.
Knowing that there was so much more I could be LIVING, but feeling so trapped.
Feeling horrible about my body.
Having very low self esteem.
Feeling completely un-sexy, undesirable and unattractive.

It sucked. For 10 long years.

I have worked for almost 5 years now with thousands of women who are in the shoes I was in not too long ago.

I read your emails, your comments, your messages. All of them.

The sad thing is that it’s not just me who struggled. It’s EVERYWHERE. So many women, all over the world, are going through the exact same thing.

The same kinds of thoughts.
The same defeating process of dieting and “falling off the wagon”.
The same feelings of shame, constantly beating themselves up, feeling completely disconnected from who they are, feeling insane around food.
Feeling incredibly uncomfortable in their bodies.

It’s truly everywhere.

So as I feel this “flow” around food, easily navigating between moose tracks ice cream and vegetables, feeling in love with my body after years of berating her, and feeling so grounded in my self worth and lovability…. I care more than ever about helping you. 

It is worth it.
It’s life changing when you make the shift.

It’s not just your relationship with food that changes. It’s everything.

Just this morning I was on the phone with one of my private clients who, at 42 years old, is finally doing the beautiful work of really truly healing her relationship with food. She said to me “Jamie I get it now. This is not even about the food. It’s about finding ME and learning to really love myself. It’s all making so much sense now.”

I am so passionate about the work I do because it matters.

It matters that you don’t struggle with food, and it matters that you learn to love yourself. 

When you love yourself, you bring a relaxed, open, loving, lit-up presence to the world.

And that affects people more than you can imagine.
But more importantly than how it affects others, it sets you free.

Free from all the negative chatter, the feeling of never being enough, the constant feeling that you’re chasing your happiness somewhere “out there” in some other body or life.

I know you want to be someone who loves herself and who feels free…NOW. Not someone who is stuck in her head all day deciding what to eat and picking apart her body.

I want that SO badly for you.

And here’s one honest thing I want you to know about healing your relationship with food: if you do want to truly heal and transform it, you do need to go a little bit deeper. 

A new diet won’t do it.
More willpower won’t do it, either.
The perfect workout plan also isn’t the answer.

It takes going a little deeper. It takes really looking at your relationship with yourself in a beautiful, exploratory, enriching way.

And then learning what it means to really get to know yourself and love yourself.

This has to happen. And when it does, food becomes easy again.

My 21 Day Intuitive Eating Challenge was built for you. 

It’s a culmination of everything that went into me healing my relationship with food.

From changing my mental game and which thoughts I let run my life, to how I re-learned figuring out how to eat for ME, to how I found total freedom around food, it’s all in there for you.

Plus, in addition to twenty one step-by-step lessons, I’ve included over seven hours of podcast style Q&A recordings for you to listen to in your own time. You’re going to love hearing from other women just like you and how I coached them through their questions.

I really hope that you check out the course and enroll. 

It’s a beautiful, fun, deep, and transformative course that you can do in your own time and access again and again. I cannot wait to welcome you!



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This place is for you: To explore what your soul needs to hear today.

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