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her story: from fearing her trigger foods and binge eating to easily keeping junk food in the house, and so much self love


I have another awesome story for you today! After Alice shared her story a couple of weeks ago, I was inspired to keep sharing stories with you, because I think there’s so much power in you hearing from real women, just like you, who have been in your shoes. They all say “if I can do this, anyone can”, and it’s true. It’s so possible for you to get to a place where food feels easier and you feel more comfortable in your body.

Laura’s story is so inspiring and I know you will relate to so much of what she talks about. In about a year, she completely transformed her relationship with food, her body, and herself.

She went from fearing her trigger foods (she specifically talks about donuts!), dieting and binge eating, to being able to have junk food in her house like it’s no big deal, an easy relationship with food, and so much self love.

Here’s her story:

Interview Notes:

1:05: Laura shares her story about her relationship with food and her body in the past.

5:00: How she discovered Intuitive Eating.

6:00: The first time Laura discovered Intuitive Eating, why it didn’t click and how she worked through it.

8:20: The hardest part of where she was at in her relationship with food and her body.

11:00: Making the transition to stop dieting and start listening to her body.

14:05: Laura describes what it was like to start eating in a way that was free.

18:20: How she handled binges after starting the Intuitive Eating Challenge.

20:20: Key things that helped Laura and what ended up happening to her trigger foods.

23:55: What life / food is like for Laura now.

31:20: Laura shares 3 pieces of advice for women who are struggling with food and body image.

Key Quotes:

“From a very young age, I was very aware that what you ate had an emotional connotation in how people perceived you.”

“As a parent, you get really aware of what you can pass on to your children and it really wants to make you get healthy. You want to be healthy for yourself but it’s like a magnifying glass on your issues.”

“The pain of not changing was too great. It get’s to the point where you are like ‘I just can’t live like this!'”

“The lie that society tells us all the time is ‘if you’re thinner, you will be happier’ but I realized, that happiness comes from inside of me.”

“I had to take a step back and ask ‘why is being thin so important to me and what does that mean for me’ and that dug into my past issues of wanting love and approval.”

“I made the decision that the next day, after a binge, I wasn’t going to be mean and berate myself. I was going to be really loving and kind and ask myself ‘Why where you sad? Are you ok?’ and treat myself like how I would treat a friend or my child who had a tough day.”

“As I woman, I struggle with taking care of myself. I can take care of other people but taking care of myself is hard.”

“Donuts have fully lost their power over me!”

“It feels so freeing. I never thought it was possible for me to have a house that had ‘junk food’ in it and it not be a problem or concern. I love it!”

“That piece that I really needed to get for Intuitive Eating to stick for me was that it wasn’t a body issue, it was a soul issue.”

“I really took stock of my life and asked myself, ‘What are things that I love about my life and what are things I don’t love? How do I change them?'”

“I spent too many years eating things just because I thought I should. Now I want to eat things as they sound good and that’s really freeing.”

“My life is the best it’s ever been. It has nothing to do with my size or what I’m eating. I’m just happy. My life is freedom.”


Follow Ups:

If you want to participate in the Intuitive Eating Challenge that she refers to, here it is. You can sign up and get started anytime.

In the comments below: do you have any questions about Intuitive Eating or any questions for Laura? Let us know!



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  1. Karla says

    Wow, this was everything I needed to hear today!
    You ladies are so real and amazing, thank you <3

  2. Kayley says

    I absolutely LOVED this. Awesome to hear some real truths. Very refreshing, inspirational and makes me realise that it can be done…im right on the edge of embracing this fully and I think this is just what I needed to hear. It will all be OK!!!

  3. Emily says

    Wow!! This seems like a dream to me. I have been consumed with food, dieting, losing weight and feeling unworthy for as long as I can remember. I want to experience joy in life and be free of constantly thinking about my weight. Laura’s story really struck a chord with me. What is her instagram name? Also, what is the best way to start this process? Jamie, thank you so much for your website and giving me HOPE!


This place is for you: To explore what your soul needs to hear today.

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