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If we were having coffee right now, this is what I’d tell you…

Oh man, as I sit here in my favorite little cafe in NYC, I feel so happy to be back to my normal writing schedule. Writing to you is one of my all time favorite things, and I am so happy to back and settled, with so many things to share.

Since there has been a ton going on, I thought it would be nice to do a bit more of a personal post today, to catch you up on life over here.

Over the years, I’ve written these “if we were having coffee together” emails from time to time and I really love them. They make me feel like we’re sitting together at a cafe, catching up as friends.

So, if we were having coffee together, on this November day, this is what I’d tell you…

I would tell you that I turned thirty a few months ago, and that I feel really great (and different?) since turning thirty. To be honest, I had a bit of a tough time the weekend of my birthday celebrations, realizing that I was hitting a big milestone in my life, and didn’t have a “partner” to share it with. My ego took over thinking, how many more milestones will I go through without someone to share them with? But I will say that my ego quickly calmed down and I’ve felt better than ever since turning 30. I know it has nothing to do with the actual number or date, but I think just over time, I have been feeling more and more grounded in who I am (and who I am not), relaxed, calm, and at peace. It’s a great feeling, and I’m just running with it!!

Since I brought up the single thing already, and you would definitely ask me about it if we were really having coffee (haha), I’ll tell you a bit about that too. I don’t know what has come over me, but I feel the most calm I have ever felt about that part of my life. A lot of my fears of “will it ever happen?” have gone away, and I just know, in my bones, that it’s a matter of time. I think that the more confident and comfortable I become in every part of who I am, the idea of meeting the right guy seems closer and closer. I’ve enjoyed sharing a bit more about that part of my life with you. I have always been someone who is open and willing to share my struggles or tough moments with you, and I know that it’s a sensitive area for many women, and I am starting to open up more to the idea of being more transparent about this part of my life with you (if there’s anything you want to know about this… please email me and let me know. I am happy to do more posts on this topic!)

I would absolutely gush to you about the retreat I ran in Big Sur a month ago, called Big Soul. This was one of the highlights of my life. Running my first retreat, alongside one of the most amazing women I know – Libby Crow – was one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done to date. We ran the retreat for other female entrepreneurs, which was also a different area of coaching for me. In the past two years, I’ve started to casually branch out into doing more business coaching – helping women in their first few years of business grow their businesses – and it was so special to be able to bring strong, smart, inspiring women together to help guide them in various areas of their lives and businesses. I am SO passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and this experience in Big Sur completely lit me up.

I would probably tell you I am a bit stressed about a major decision to move (or not to move) out of NYC. This is definitely one of the biggest things on my mind and heart these days. After living in Manhattan for close to 8 years, I am really open to the idea of moving. I am craving a change, and especially a change that feels DIFFERENT from the life I have been living. I am eager to explore new sides of myself and a new kind of lifestyle, just to see what it’s like. I don’t know what it’s like to live in a bit more of a laid back environment, and I am really curious what that could look like / bring out in me. However, I am also (thankfully!) happy in NYC and don’t feel a NEED to move. So, I am doing what I always teach you – spending lots of time dropping into my intuition, exploring, getting in touch with myself, and being patient with the uncertainty and lack of clarity right now. I know that it will become clear at some point, but right now, it’s not, and I’m just allowing that to be.

On that note, I’d also tell you that I just traveled to several cities in order to explore how I felt in each one of them, to help inform my moving decision. On the tail of my retreat in Big Sur, I extended the trip and traveled to SF, Seattle, Boulder and Denver. I was super busy on this trip, trying to see ALL aspects of each city to be sure I got as much information and “feeling” as I could to help me figure out how I felt about living in each city. Ultimately, I ended up LOVING Seattle and feeling those “butterflies” there. I didn’t feel that in any other city. I am planning to head back to Seattle in the next couple of months to see it again. Exciting! And scary!

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I would definitely tell you about Master Your Life, and that we are more than half way through the program, which is nuts! Time really flies! I am guiding 50+ women through the program this year, and it’s been incredible. I am so in love with MYL and the women in it, and am loving guiding them through the program again. It’s so amazing to see them having breakthroughs in so many areas of their lives – everything from how they’re learning to finally respect their bodies, to how they view themselves, to how they’re showing up in their relationships. In case you missed out and are interested, I’ll be running MYL in the Fall again next year.

I would probably be sitting with you in yoga clothes, because I’ve been getting pretty into yoga lately. I’m listening to my body which has told me NO to SoulCycle right now, and instead, has been craving yoga. Isn’t it so interesting how our bodies crave such different movement at different times? A couple months ago, I was loving going to SoulCycle, and right now I can’t even imagine it. I think in general, I have been craving things being SLOWER overall, which makes sense that my body wants a workout that feels calmer, more intentional, and nourishing in a different way.

Well, I think that’s enough for now. Pretty sure, we would be done sipping our coffee by now with all that chatter!

So overall, I’m feeling pretty great, while also sitting with some uncomfortable, uncertain feelings in various areas of my life. I am SO thankful for my own deep self-care and how it has developed over time — it has truly been my backbone, supporting me through everything I’m trying to do in my life!

So now, I’d love to hear from you (either in the comments or just hit reply to this email):

  • What is the biggest thing going on in your life right now?
  • How can I help you? What are your current struggles / areas you’re looking to dive into a bit more that I can shed some light on? 

Sending you so much love!



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This place is for you: To explore what your soul needs to hear today.

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