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If We Were Having Coffee Right Now, I’d Tell You… (#2)


A few months ago I posted my first “Virtual Coffee Date” post. It was meant to be a way for me to share a little bit more of my life with you and for you to tell me a bit about what’s going on in your life. I so wish that I could sit down with you and sip a real life cappuccino!

For now, this is the best we can do. So here is Virtual Coffee Date #2:

If we were having coffee today, I would say, remember that uncertainty I spoke about last time? Well, thankfully, things aren’t quite as uncertain right now and it feels liberating and grounding. You see, my boyfriend was looking for a new job and he was looking all over the country. There was a time that I was sure I was moving to San Francisco, a time when I was thissss close to moving to Boston, and even a time when I thought I’d end up in New Orleans with him! Watching him go through all of the ups and downs of job hunting and interviewing, coupled with the uncertainty of where the end result would take us took a lot out of me (and much more out of him). Thankfully, everything is settled now, he has a great job, and we’ll be staying in NYC.

IMG_2118 (1)

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you how crucial my friends and family were during this time of uncertainty. There were so many times that I was trying to hold it together for my boyfriend but I was crumbling inside. I cried, bitched and moaned to all of the people in my life and they seriously stepped up to support me so that I could support my boyfriend who really needed it. I am so thankful for all of them.  I don’t even know what’s happening in this photo…


If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you how excited I am about my work these days. So many fun things are happening, I have so many ideas, and I feel like I have more time and energy than ever to really give to this work and to all of you.

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you how I am loving low key living these days! I have no desire to plan any big trips or do anything crazy, and the planner in me has actually gotten quiet (shocking) –making less plans actually feels better. Maybe it’s the warm weather, but there’s something about relaxing and going with the flow that sounds so appealing right now.


I’d tell you that I have a photo shoot for my business next week and that I cannot wait. I’d also tell you that I’m really proud of myself for not having a desire to diet and run myself ragged at the gym prior to the shoot. In the past, I have made myself crazy getting ready for these kind of big events, but now I know it’s not worth it. I can show up as myself — nothing more, nothing less — and that’s totally ok!

I’d tell you that I’m not sure where to go with exercise right now. I did SoulCycle all winter and then trained for a 10K these past couple of months, and now I’m kind of at a stand still. I don’t know what to do next! I don’t belong to a gym, nor do I want to, I’m a little over SoulCycle right now, and I don’t really want to do another race. I’ve pondered the idea of Crossfit but I don’t know if I have the intensity in me to enjoy that… Do you have any ideas?


(P.S. I think this photo is hilarious because my brother on the right and boyfriend on the left are the same height yet because of the hill my brother looks like a little shrimpster…he’s really not!)

I’d definitely have to tell you that I MET DEREK JETER the other night! For real, I did. My Dad is obsessed with all things Yankees, and he brought us to a charity event for Derek Jeter’s charity called Turn2. It was a really cool night and I literally jumped at the chance to walk up to him and shake his hand. Guys…. he is HOT. Like, I didn’t really understand it before. All these years of watching Jeter I was always like “I don’t get it, he’s not that good looking”. Um, no, I was so wrong. His dimpled boyish smile, the way he looks you in the eye, how humble he is, oh my… ok I’ll stop, but just know he’s hot mmmk?


And lastly, if we were having coffee together, I would absolutely try to convince you to go to Soul Camp with me. I seriously cannot wait for this event because what adult doesn’t wish they could go back to camp and experience all things fun and healthy? I’ll probably be writing a full post about this soon to truly press you to come because I want to meet you! Consider this your preview 🙂
If we were having coffee together today, what would you talk about? Please share a piece of your life with me below in the comments! 



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  1. kimberly says

    so I was I. the same rut (and in an over exercising rut) and I found your blog in April actually ended up ordering the 21 day fix and working out at home and I love it

  2. Sienna says

    Wow! Soul camp sounds amazing! I absolutely love camp and it seems like the speakers and attendees will be amazing. I have a wedding that weekend or I’d be tempted to find a way to make it work to attend.

    • Jamie says

      Oh nooo! Maybe next year… camp really is the best thing ever and I think all the speakers are going to be great — they’ve put SO much work into getting this thing off the ground. Hopefully you can go next time!

  3. Calista says

    I love these posts. There’s something about sharing conversation over a cup of coffee that is bonding, isn’t there?

    If you and I were having coffee, I’d tell you that I hope to see my brother and his family later this month when they move to Hawaii. If they fly out of CA somewhere, I hope I can make the trek to see them. I’d tell you that I compare myself to others way too much and far too harshly. I think I should be doing/having/being more than I am right now, but I’m not and I choose to continue giving myself a complex about it. and I’d tell you that I took tomorrow off of work and I plan to make the day completely mine after I drop my son off at school. I plan on reading and going for a walk and maybe taking a nap and drinking good coffee and perhaps spending time with a friend.

    I hope you have a wonderful afternoon!

    • Jamie says

      Calista, I know how it feels to be stuck doing all that comparing, but just that you recognize that is great! Try to appreciate what other people have and what they bring to the table — the more appreciation you give them, the more you’ll be able to give yourself. Your day tomorrow sounds FAB! Enjoy!

  4. Hannah says

    If I was having coffee with you, first I’d give you a hug 🙂

    Then I would tell you how excited I am for my grandparents’ visit at the end of this month, about my adorable month-old nephew, and about how I’m going to re-read the May Challenge emails and see what I can reap this time! You really change my life in that respect, Jamie – I’m still learning, though 🙂

    • Jamie says

      You’re so awesome Hannah! I’m sure those emails will give you something new every time. Keep it up, girl! 🙂


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