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I lost my joy in my business + then found it again.

Man, I have been on such a journey with my business… and to be honest, in the last couple of years, I have been completely rewiring my brain in terms of how I think about my business.

Here’s a bit more about what I mean…

When I first started my business back in 2013, it was fueled by so much passion and excitement.

I was young, ripe, and SO eager to help people. I had healed my relationship with food which completely changed my life, and I just knew I needed to help other women do the same.

I dove in, did everything I could to get clients + sell my first program (The Intuitive Eating Challenge) in my own unique ways… and pretty soon after, I had a full load of clients.

It was incredible — did I really just create this?

But something happened over the next several years that I didn’t really see coming…

While my business was thriving — clients, retreats, launching programs, etc. — I started to lose my joy. 

I can’t even tell you how many hours I spent thinking about my business —

Why do I feel this way?
Why does part of me wish my whole business would all just go away and I could start fresh?

I wish I could go back to that first year when I was so excited and passionate and just doing whatever felt good.

Have you ever felt this way about your business?

Now that I am on the other side, I can clearly see what was happening that was causing me to feel this way for so long:

I was following SO many “shoulds” in my business. The more advanced I got, the more the “strategy” piled on. 

For example: You need to prep for 3 months for your program launches + have 47 emails written in advance + do a free webinar that leads to a free challenge that finally leads to your program. Have fun!

I also had all these limiting stories around how I could + couldn’t grow + evolve in my business.

For example: Well Jamie, people really know you for food + body image + self-care, so you need to stay in that lane. What? You want to talk about other things that are alive in you? No. Keep doing what you’re known for.

All of a sudden I was in this place where I wasn’t LOVING my business. 

I wanted more ease, but I felt like it was “wrong” to simplify and find more flow in my business.

I wanted to talk about new things + work with clients on new aspects of their lives, but I was too scared to follow that desire.

I wanted to be free to follow my intuition + do business my way, but I was so scared that wasn’t “okay” or allowed.

I looked at other women who seemed to be in sooo much joy + pleasure + excitement about their work and I was like, how do they get there?

I looked at my life + business and thought — what the heck is even the point?? If I don’t even love doing this, why don’t I just go get a stable paycheck at a normal job? 

But I knew, in my bones, that I am meant for this.

And I started to think — maybe part of my journey is exactly this: learning how to break away from all the crap that is keeping me from loving this.

Learning to trust how I want to do business, even if it looks different from how others’ do it.

Learning to lead with JOY and PLEASURE and FLOW.

Learning to tap into my feminine nature to create a business that FEELS GOOD rather than being in my masculine “structure + strategy” energy all the time.

And so I started learning this — taking courses from mentors who lead feminine businesses that prioritized FEELING GOOD + hiring coaches who helped me lean into my JOY.

And slowly, I started breaking down all the bullshit of how I was doing business before + instead, creating something I truly LOVE.

Today, I am so happy to say I have never ever ever loved my business as much as I do now + have never been so excited by it.

And to be honest, this is my core desire behind creating Your Coaching Flow.

I want you to LOVE your business.

I want you to LOVE your 1:1 coaching practice.

I want you to create it all in a way that lights YOU up.

So if you don’t want to send follow-up emails to your clients after every session because that feels annoying? Don’t! Your clients are so capable of taking notes during your session.

If you want to do sessions every other week vs. every week because that spaciousness feels good to YOU? Wonderful! That is so perfect.

If you want to have Voxer support instead of email support so that you’re not sitting at your laptop for hours replying to emails… great! How liberating.

If you want to work with clients who truly light you up + who bring conversations to your sessions that inspire you? YES… let’s make that happen.

You deserve to love your business.
You deserve to love your life.
You deserve to find YOUR FLOW.

And when you’re lit up — your clients can feel that. It makes your impact in the world SO much more powerful.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

SO… I want you to know that I have been in the space of getting bogged down in the “shoulds” and the stories and the limitations that kept me from loving my business… and I have also freed myself from all of that.

If you want to absolutely love your days. Love waking up to do the work you’re doing. Love your clients. Love your flow…

Your Coaching Flow is a great place to land.

Your JOY will always be prioritized.
Your INTUITION will always come first.
You’re going to walk away loving your business more than ever before.

I can’t wait to guide you in this absolutely profound way.

Sending you so much love!!

P.S. We start June 7th so you have about a week to join us 🙂



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This place is for you: To explore what your soul needs to hear today.

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