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here’s how to reflect on 2015 (and my own takeaways)


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The days right now are so charged — they’re the last few days of 2015 and the time when we start to think about a fresh start, a new year, a clean slate.

I’m not really a resolutions person (strict goals have never worked well for me), but I do believe in setting intentions and focus for the upcoming year.

However, before we go forward, it’s important we take a look back. On where we’ve been in 2015. On how we’ve grown and changed. On what we’ve learned.

As you’re hopefully relaxing this week, take a few minutes to reflect on your year. You did a LOT this year. You made tons of decisions. You fought for your happiness. You loved. You lost. You challenged yourself. You were proud of yourself. You made mistakes. You learned. You were happy. You were sad.

You are not the same person you were in December of 2014. You are older, wiser, and more experienced. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the past year so that you can go into 2016 with a better understanding of yourself and what you want to create.

Sit down with your cozy socks, your pretty notebook, and a hot cup of coffee and give yourself the gift of thoughtful reflection.

Here are some things to think about:

Who were you in January of 2015? What were you going through? What were you hoping for, wishing for, and struggling with? Say hi to that girl and remember what she was like.

What are you really proud of yourself for this year? In what ways did you overcome obstacles or fears? We don’t relish in what we’re proud of ourselves for nearly enough. Take a few minutes to write down as many things as possible here.

What was the biggest curve ball of 2015? As you know, we can only plan and control so much (aka very little) of our experience. What came out of nowhere for you this year and what did you learn from that? How did you handle it?

When did you feel most alive this year? This could be anything from a particular run in the park to an exhilarating business opportunity to falling in love. Pay attention to what comes up here for you — feeling alive is a clue into what your soul truly craves.

What activities / relationships / lifestyle patterns really dragged you down or felt heavy this year? What would you ideally like to let go of in order to feel lighter?

In what ways did you show yourself love this year? This could be anything from trying to drink less alcohol to getting more sleep to hiring a coach to pursuing a passion.

My business coach did this with me a few weeks ago and I want to pass it on because it had a big impact on me. Take out a piece of paper and on the left hand side write December 2014 and the right hand side write December 2015. Create a timeline in between. Write down any and all things that happened this year – personal and professional. Take a step back, look at everything you went through, and take that in. Then, intuitively, circle the 4 or 5 experiences that had the biggest impact on you. Why did you circle those? What did you learn from those experiences?

If you could summarize the year, what were the top 3 lessons that you learned in 2015 that you want to always remember and take into next year?

A bit about my reflections…

This year was by far the most challenging, yet meaningful, year of my life so far. It started with a tough breakup the first week of January which totally rocked my world. I had to get used to a new life and a new “me”, and it took me more time than I would have liked. My heart was broken, and while it was so painful, there was also a beauty in it. I learned how to be more vulnerable and more “me” than ever before, mostly because I had to. The breakup created a longing for me to get to know myself better and better and to finally learn what it looks like to love myself unconditionally — a concept I had always wanted but never knew how to grasp. The journey to really loving myself has been so profound. Really really hard at times – I’ve felt clueless and like I’m venturing into unknown territory constantly – but nothing beats the feeling I’ve had of coming home to myself.

My business took some major steps forward this year with a new website and a brand new program, and I feel proud for following my heart and taking some risks. Nothing’s perfect, and I will always always be refining my business to be more true to myself, but I am so in love with my work and honestly feel so lucky to be able to work with you guys in a way that is so meaningful every day. Thank you for being here 🙂

As we venture in to a new year, take some time to love where you’ve been. Love all parts of it.  The times when you’ve been kind, and the times when you’ve lost your temper. The times when you’ve taken great care of yourself, and the times when you’ve binged on pizza. The times when you’ve loved beautifully, and the times when you’ve made some mistakes in love. The times when you made great decisions, and the times you wish you had made a different choice.

Loving yourself means being there for yourself through it ALL. It’s unconditional love. And above anyone else, you need to have your own back and be your own biggest supporter.

Give yourself lots of love as we close this year off, and I’ll see you in 2016 to talk about what’s next for you… exciting!

I’d love to hear some of your reflections on 2015 in the comments below. Especially…what are you most proud of yourself for and/or what was your biggest lesson of the year? 



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  1. Kira says

    I’ve never thought to look back on the year in such a thoughtful and specific way. This so helpful. Do you mind sharing the name of the business coach who suggested it? I love that everything you write and post has to do with having a better future for yourself over time so thank you.

  2. Zoe says

    I had a baby in November 2014 so 2015 has been the year of immense change for me and my new little family.
    We’ve battled reflux, sensory processing difficulties and postnatal depression, as well as the day to day onslaught of being a new mum. I also had to come to terms with the pause of my career as I knew it and a new career as a stay at home mum.
    We live on the other side of the world to our families so it’s been tough, but if we can do that, we can do anything!
    2016 will be the year of intuitive eating and getting back to exercise.

    • Jamie says

      Hi Zoe, wow, it sounds like it has been quite a couple of years for you! Good for you for taking it all in stride and doing the best you can. Cheers to 2016, I hope it’s a great year for you! xoxo.


This place is for you: To explore what your soul needs to hear today.

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