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How Supreme Self-Care Healed My “Food & Weight” Problem

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If I look back at who I was 5 years ago, I see a completely different woman. A woman who was so uncomfortable in her skin, who would stalk the menu of a restaurant she was going to in order to make sure there was something she “could” eat, a woman who was constantly, constantly in her head about food and the way she looked.

Today, I’m a woman who feels comfortable in my skin regardless of my inevitable fluctuations. I’m a woman who loves food but also loves my life, so food just finds its’ natural spot. I’m a woman who knows what I want to eat, how much is right for me, and what will both nourish and satisfy me. I’m a woman at peace around food and my body.

People often ask me, how did you get to this point? How’d you lose all the weight and gain such a normal relationship with food?

I usually look at them with wide deer-in-headlights eyes and stumble over my words… because it’s not a straightforward answer.

I can’t just say “oh I joined Weight Watchers and poof, three months later I’m down 40 pounds!”.

Those “solutions” never worked for me.

My journey had to be so much deeper than that. And I strongly believe that for so many of us, we’re required to go deeper if we want to truly heal our relationship with food.

Transforming my relationship with food, my body, and ultimately my entire self, completely changed my life. And I don’t say that lightly. It really did completely change my life.

Over the last several years, I’ve spent the majority of my time and work honing in on exactly what helped me move from that scared, chronic dieter that I was for almost a decade to the “normal” eater that I am today. I knew I needed to help other women do the same.

As I’ve really looked at the intricacies and exactly how I’ve changed, it’s become clear that my transformation came down to one, core thing: diving deep into self-care.

For example:

  • taking care of my emotions in new, “real” ways so food wasn’t my go-to crutch
  • managing my inner critic so my mental game supported and built me up instead of tearing me down and causing me to eat to avoid feeling bad about myself
  • befriending my body so I could learn to trust her guidance, telling me what and how much to eat
  • creating a life filled with pleasure and meaning so food didn’t need to be that constant source of excitement

As I took better care of myself, food didn’t have to take care of me anymore.

I became stronger. More self-reliant. More resilient.

My passion for the last several years has been to take everything I’ve learned and use it to help other women struggling with food. Because I know how much it can suck to be there – to be counting those calories, pinching those stomach rolls, and wondering if you’ll ever get out of it.

So I’ve taken everything I know and created two things for you:

1. The Master Your Life Group Coaching Program: A 10 Week Journey To Supreme Self Care

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out my new group program. Over the course of 10 weeks, I’m walking a group of women through their own transformations – of their relationship with food, with their bodies, and with themselves. It’s going to be amazing, so get in on it if you’d like!

To see the curriculum and details for the Master Your Life program, click here. 

2. A free webinar next week: How self-care healed my relationship with food and helped me lose 40 pounds… and how you can apply the same concepts to your own life.

Next Tuesday (Oct 6th), I’m hosting a free webinar where I’m going to go through all the DETAILS around how I healed my relationship with food and lost 40 pounds. I’ll take you through the deep self-care process I’ve gone through and coached hundreds of women through. Get ready, it’s going to be packed with awesome info for you to take home and implement in your own life.

This has already happened, but click here for the recording!

I hope these resources will help you if you’re struggling with food. I wish I had these when I was in the thick of it, which is why I made them for you.

Sending you all my love,


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This place is for you: To explore what your soul needs to hear today.

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