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Checking In With You, Anti-Racism, and This Space

I want to take some time today to check in with you. To talk about what’s been happening in our world lately, and to see how you are.

First and foremost, I want to thank you for being here. I love the community we have, and learning and growing alongside you.

Thank you, especially in these past few weeks, for letting yourself feel the pain of our world and trying to learn how to help and do better, right alongside me.

What we’ve seen and heard in the news in the past few weeks has been tragic, and has clearly highlighted so much pain and injustice that the Black Community has felt and endured for WAY longer than these past few weeks. I know that, for so many of us, our eyes have been opened to just how much racism and oppression exists in our country.

And, I’ve taken a hard look at the ways I’ve been contributing to the problem.

If you’re doing this anti-racism work, too, I know it’s so uncomfortable. I know it brings up a LOT within us. But it’s the only way we become a part of the solution. We have to “unlearn” so much.

For me, it’s been hard to look at my subconscious bias, privilege, lack of education, ways I’ve been unintentionally exclusive in my wellness business, and the times I haven’t taken a stand for a part of our community that has been suffering so deeply.

I want you to know that I am committed to learning and growing and doing better.

I am committed to further my education around the experiences of Black people, to use my platform to continue to amplify BIPOC voices – especially those in the wellness space,  to learn directly from anti-racism educators, to read, to do journaling prompts (like these) and to have hard conversations.

And, I plan to continue to share these things with you.

To Black People in my community, I want you to feel welcome, supported, cared for, and loved in this space, and I am working to do a better job at this.

And to everyone, I want to share a couple of thoughts that have been on my heart lately around how to approach this shift that we are going through in a sustainable, intentional way.

I’ve been learning a lot about how the depth of doing this anti-racism work is just as important (if not more) than the “amount”. We can read all the books and share all the posts, but what really matters is how we are probing ourselves to shift internally. It’s the ways we are shifting our own bias and behavior. It’s the hard conversations that we’re having at our dinner tables. It’s the time we take to hear our own hearts and find our own voices so that we can speak up authentically. It’s the deep commitments we’re making to doing this work consistently.

I LOVE this video from Leesa Renee Hall, who speaks on this topic. She emphasizes the importance of being authentic with our actions right now and instead of just doing all the external “checking off the list” work, how the real work is internal. Please give it a listen. (PS. Leesa Renee is an anti-bias facilitator specifically for ‘highly sensitive people’; her approach is unique and I have a feeling some of you may jive with her teachings.)

Sometimes it’s not the “loudest” or “fastest” action items that make the biggest impact.

Read this quick Instagram post here by Latham Thomas (@glowmaven) about Optical Allyship, and the importance of doing the consistent, deep, behind-the-scenes, inner work.

Just like we talk about checking in with yourself in all other areas of your life to make sure you’re living intentionally and with integrity, let’s make sure we are approaching this with intention and integrity, too.

I’ve also learned that it’s important to think about how we are going to continue doing anti-racism work and make it a sustainable, ingrained part of our lives.

The Black Community does not need us to do this work for two weeks and burnout.

As Minaa B. says, “My hope is that when the protests slow down, and those who have muted themselves to amplify black voices begin to pop back up on the scene, that white folks will continue to commit to actively practicing anti-racism and realize this is not a trend. This is real life.

I’ve been asking myself how I can commit to this work long-term in a sustainable and effective way. I encourage you to ask yourself that question, too.

I attended a workshop with EbonyJanice and Robyn Youkilis and EbonyJanice said to ask yourself the question “what are you doing for freedom today?”. I loved this question as a check-in and plan to ask myself this every week to stay accountable.

I also signed up for Nicole Cordoza’s Anti-Racism Daily Newsletter which I LOVE and highly recommend to stay in this work, daily. Just click the link in her IG bio to sign up and receive daily insight and action steps.

She just started it about two weeks ago, and by signing up you can see all the archived posts. It’s a great way to stay accountable to learning and doing this anti-racism work consistently. I also recommend paying Nicole for this newsletter if you have the resources, which you can do at the links she provides.

I’m in this for the long-haul and I’d love to be in this together. Let’s allow ourselves to be intentional, feel it all deeply and do the work with integrity.

As I share more of my own content in the coming weeks, I want you to know that the work over here is continuing to be done, and that’s my commitment to you. I’ll continue to share what I’m learning and pass the mic to BIPOC voices.

I’d also love to hear how you are.

  • How is your heart these days?

  • How is your mind?

  • How are you feeling?

If you’d like to comment here or DM me on Instagram, you can share anything with me. I promise to listen without judgement. 

Thank you for being here. For listening to me talk about these things so imperfectly, and for growing with me.

Lots of love,

P.S. If you have found an anti-racism educator, organization, podcast, or some sort of resource especially helpful for you, please let me know! I will include them in a future email to everyone. Thank you! <3


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