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How to feel more confident

Confidence is such a funny thing. We had it when we were little — naively unaware of judgement from others or the need to censor our behavior or “fit in”. Think about your toddler or a toddler you know — they don’t have a “self-esteem” issue, right? They are who they are unapologetically, free from…


My Curated Holiday Gift Guide is HERE!

Although I am a little late to the game, I am assuming some of you are still in search of holiday gifts for your loved ones (as am I!), so wanted to send you a curated (not overwhelming!) little gift guide with a few of my favorite things. I hope this helps in your gift search!


Please stop judging yourself like this

Yesterday I was on a call with a client who just broke things off with a guy she was dating for a couple of months. She said “I was only dating him for a couple of months, I ‘shouldn’t’ be this sad. I don’t ‘get to be’ this sad”. Mmm, immediately my coaching ears perked up…


When You Want Something To Work Out, And It Doesn’t

As you may have seen on Instagram last week, Ryan and I put an offer down on a house we loved and were under contract. In the last 24 hours before putting down our deposit, the whole deal collapsed.