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What I Eat For Breakfast: The Overnight Oats Tutorial

I go through lots and lots of breakfast phases. I went through a pancake phase, an Eggo Waffle phase (um, yum), a fruit & greek yogurt phase, a no breakfast phase, a big breakfast phase… I’ve been through it all. But right now, I’m in an Overnight Oat phase. Let me introduce you to my…


Shakshuka Recipe and a Potluck Girls Brunch

Last weekend, my friend Deva hosted a potluck brunch at her apartment before we headed on to her rooftop to sit in the 90 degree heat wave that NYC experienced. Let’s just say I lasted on the roof for about 15 minutes…. I have zero patience. Deva had her table set beautifully and had minty…


Hummus and Veggie Collard Green Wraps

Alright are we ready to be super healthy for a few minutes? This may go down as one of the most healthy recipes on StudioEats. I present to you…. Collard Greens. When I told my Mom I made a Collard Green recipe she didn’t even let me finish my sentence before saying “Ew!!!” Her memories…


Honey Rosemary Roasted Carrots

I have carrots for you today. Carrots. But they are special carrots…. I picked these bad boys up from the Farmer’s Market the other day and couldn’t get over how oddly creepy yet beautiful they looked. Rainbow carrots, they are called. And they were even prettier once I did a little makeover to them. All…