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When You Want Something To Work Out, And It Doesn’t

As you may have seen on Instagram last week, Ryan and I put an offer down on a house we loved and were under contract. In the last 24 hours before putting down our deposit, the whole deal collapsed.


Keep Your Commitments To Yourself

There’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately that I want to share. It’s about keeping your commitments to yourself, and what that does for your self-trust, your growth, and your confidence.


How To Stop Feeling “Behind” In Life

In the past year or so, I’ve experienced the feeling of being “behind” in life. Ryan and I got married a few years later than most of my close friends, and by now, they’ve all had one or two kids.


Last Time We Were Here, I Thought We Might Break Up

I’m currently in DC at Ryan’s sisters house, and want to share a story about fear of rejection that I was immediately reminded of when I walked in.