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Our Fertility Journey, Part Two

This is Part Two of our fertility journey. See Part One HERE. OCTOBER 2020 — THE INITIAL CONSULT WITH OUR FERTILITY DOCTOR In October 2020, we went in for our initial meeting with our fertility doctor, Dr. McCarthy at IVFMD in their Jupiter office. By the time the appointment came, I was actually looking forward…


Grounding Yourself During Overwhelming Times

I’m sitting here at my desk after taking a morning to ground myself after feeling overwhelmed the last few weeks. Do you ever have those phases (or maybe you’re in one now) where you just feel… scattered? Like you’re being pulled in a million directions and you don’t quite know where to put your energy…


We’re pregnant! + our Fertility Journey to get here (Part 1)

In case you missed it on Instagram, last week I announced that we are having a baby! Here’s our announcement + here’s our gender reveal. As many of you know, we had quite a rollercoaster of a ride to get to this point, which makes us even more grateful. Today, I want to start sharing…


Liberate yourself from the “shoulds” and find your flow.

So there’s something really important that I want you to know about me and this space that we’re in together… I am not about ever telling you what you “should” do. How you “should” eat.How you “should” show up in your relationship.How you “should” run your business. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever.  That is just…