Category: Inner Critic

You don’t need to get rid of your anxiety

I had a session with a client yesterday, and we were talking about how she’s feeling with a new guy she’s dating. “I just wish I wasn’t so anxious waiting for him to text me back,” she said. “I wish I wasn’t like this.” Hi, 🙋🏻‍♀️, oh boy can I relate to this. For years……


How to feel more confident

Confidence is such a funny thing. We had it when we were little — naively unaware of judgement from others or the need to censor our behavior or “fit in”. Think about your toddler or a toddler you know — they don’t have a “self-esteem” issue, right? They are who they are unapologetically, free from…


Let Yourself Rest in Unconventional Ways (4pm movie, anyone?)

Two days ago, the clock struck 4:00pm and all I was secretly craving was to close up my computer, get under a blanket on the couch and watch a movie. For a brief moment, I heard my inner critic interject…


Your inner critic needs to hear this.

This week on my Instagram stories, I showed myself winding down from my work day by taking a moment to let go of any critical or judgmental thoughts toward myself or my day before going into the evening with my family. I do this because so much happens in a day. You start out feeling…