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If we were having coffee, this is what I’d tell you… (about to have a baby edition)

I am so excited to be finding the time to sit down and write this one to you today.  These “if we were having coffee right now” posts have been some of my favorite from over the years, as well as yours. It’s such a fun time to get to connect, heart to heart, as…


Our Fertility Journey, Part Three

Hi hi! I am so happy to be sharing our Fertility Journey Part Three (the final part) today. If you missed it, HERE is Part One, and HERE is Part Two. Today I’ll be covering our actual Fertility Treatment, from when we started Treatment to getting pregnant with our baby who is due in less…


How to coach clients when you’re having an “off day” personally.

I hear this question often from coaches — what if I’m having a really hard day and not feeling my best — how do I still get on the phone and coach my clients well? And I see this as being a ‘block’ that some coaches have around reallllly leaning into their businesses + taking…


Our Fertility Journey, Part Two

This is Part Two of our fertility journey. See Part One HERE. OCTOBER 2020 — THE INITIAL CONSULT WITH OUR FERTILITY DOCTOR In October 2020, we went in for our initial meeting with our fertility doctor, Dr. McCarthy at IVFMD in their Jupiter office. By the time the appointment came, I was actually looking forward…