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Her Story: in one year, how she found food freedom & body acceptance

Alice and I recently connected during my travels in Asia because she was traveling in Portugal at the same time and was messaging me about how excited she was to experience traveling with her newfound food freedom. She initially enrolled in The 21 Day Intuitive Eating Challenge a year ago, and has since then gone through a year long total transformation around her relationship with food and her body.

She’s gone from hating her body to having deep respect for it.

She’s gone from obsessing over food and constantly dieting to feeling complete ease and freedom around food.

Here’s her story:

Interview Notes:

1:30: Alice shares her story about her relationship with food and her body in the past

6:30: What it was like for her to start intuitive eating, after years and years of dieting. How she at first saw it as “another quick fix”.

8:00 How she still treated intuitive eating as a diet, and how she finally let herself give up “control of food”

8:45 One specific, major thing that Alice did that really helped her

10:00 Specific tactics she used to stop counting calories

10:30 The two main things that really need to happen to truly transform your relationship with food

12:00 When Alice recently got weighed at the doctor… how that went, how freeing and happy this made her feel

13:00 We talk all about “accepting” our bodies and specific things Alice did to go from hating her body to accepting it

15:45 Alice talks about opening up about her “food stuff” to her friends and family and why that really helped her

18:20 We go over the main things that specifically helped Alice stop binge eating

22:30 Alice gives you guys 2 or 3 pieces of advice that were the top things that helped her completely transform her relationship with food and her body

23:30 The point in the intuitive eating process that most people freak out and go on another diet, and how to get through it and keep going with the process

25:30 Alice’s experience now!! How much happier she is, how she feels toward her body, how she relates to food, how other people have commented on how she has changed for the better, etc.

27:20 Alice’s first experience traveling (to Portugal) with food freedom and what that was like. How she experienced so much freedom with food and beyond.


Key Quotes:

“I thought I was addicted to food and something was wrong with me. I always tried to cure that with another diet.”

“No one knew I binged. I didn’t know where to turn, so just went on to google to figure out how to stop.”

“Food was just the manifestation of me having to sort through lots of other “emotional junk”. It was so scary to process all these things, but I had to do it.”

“I finally started to know myself and become happier, and food wasn’t the focus anymore.”

“I thought binge eating made me like a monster and my boyfriend would be horrified if I told him. But it was such a weight off my shoulders.”

“If a binge happens, it’s how you react to it that really makes a difference.”

“My whole personality is different now! I feel so free.”

[on traveling] “It was so amazing being able to go and completely immerse myself in the culture and eat all the food and not be preoccupied with thoughts about food and all the stress.”

“I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to take the pressure off of how much you weigh. Every man and woman needs to know this.”


Follow Ups:

Find Alice on Instagram here.

If you want to participate in the Intuitive Eating Challenge that she refers to, here it is. You can sign up and get started anytime.

In the comments below: do you have any questions about Intuitive Eating or any questions for Alice? Let us know!



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  1. Carolyn says

    What an amazing story and wonderful video. Alice is inspiring. I can’t believe she’s made so much progress without professional help! LOL. I do wish I could see a video more from the bingeing perspective and how this journey goes for someone on that end. Not all binge eaters do it because of restriction; I am a “Permitter” as Geneen Roth terms it, although I’ve had periods of dieting and restriction in the past. Now intuitive eating is a challenge because it’s reining myself in, it takes control, and that’s something I let go of when I quit my final diet. I haven’t been able to make the shift to see eating less as something good I am doing for myself/my body, it just feels like another set of eating rules to follow. I’m working on it… that’s why I am so impressed by how far Alice has come. Amazing determination and perseverance and bravery! Thank you for sharing.

    • Jamie says

      Carolyn, thanks for your thoughts! I think you’ll find that the more you really connect with your BODY, the better and more natural it will feel to “stop when you’re satisfied”. Rather than it coming from your mind telling yourself to stop (which yes, feels like a diet), it will come from a deeper place of respect for your body because you want to physically feel good. Does that make sense?


This place is for you: To explore what your soul needs to hear today.

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