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14 Ways To Make Your Work Week Feel More Like The Weekends

I was talking to one of my clients last week about a really important topic – she is a lawyer in NYC so, as you can imagine, has a really busy schedule. Currently, she’s working on getting over the Diet Mentality so that she can enjoy her life more. She wants to stop counting calories and watching every bit of food that goes into her mouth so that she can be relaxed and at ease at work lunches, social events, and meals with her boyfriend. 

She also wants to stop binge eating and she knows that by letting herself eat what she wants, letting go of the constant control and breaking down the foods that have “power” over her in a Binge setting, that she will be able to stop the bingeing. 

On this particular call, she said “I’m so good at letting loose on the weekends. I eat what I want, I don’t feel guilty about eating whatever foods I choose, and I don’t feel the need to control every single thing.”

She also said “but then on the weekdays, I fall back into my old mentality. I try to control everything, I stick to rigid meal times, I feel like I can’t enjoy the foods I want to eat, and then I end up Binge eating at night because I’ve been so restrictive and in a state of deprivation all day”. 

So I asked her, “why do you think this is so easy for you on the weekends?”

Her response was that on the weekends she feels way more relaxed, she has more control over her schedule and making it work for her, and there is so much more variety on the weekends. She doesn’t feel like she is stuck in a boring routine. 

During the work week, her life feels rigid, controlled, and uniform. Because our eating habits mimic the way we are living our life, her food choices become rigid, controlled, and uniform.  And then she binges because she feels unsatisfied and bored.

Do you see how that works? Our eating habits almost always mimic what is going on in our lives. And that’s why it is so important to create a life full of variety where we feel inspired, relaxed, healthy, excited, and joyful. 

My client and I then brainstormed how we could take those good feelings that she has on the weekends and implement them into her work week. I used to do this ALL the time in my own life when I was in the corporate world. I made each day feel as close to a weekend as possible, and as a result, my pants got looser. 

Here are some suggestions to have more variety and fun during the work week: 

1. Get up 30 minutes earlier than normal to sit with a cup of coffee in bed and read a book for pleasure or the newspaper.

2. Switch up your morning routine. Go to a new cafe near your office and get a quick breakfast (something delicious) there rather than eating at your desk. 

3. Vary your workout schedule. Go to the gym at night a couple of nights, a class in the morning on other days, and plan a workout date with a girlfriend one night. Or, skip the gym and do something fun and social instead.

4. Try a new class. Sign up for a new workout class, a cooking class, a painting class, the options are endless. Do alone or with friends. 

5. Wear an awesome outfit. Put on something chic, spend a few more minutes on your hair and makeup, and don’t forget the sexy underwear! 🙂

6. Take yourself out to lunch one day to change up the routine. Bring a friend or just go by yourself and take some down time. Even though this may be a little bit more expensive, you’re investing in your own health and well-being. 

7. Listen to new music during your commute or a fun podcast. 

8. Make plans after work that you can look forward to. Schedule a fun night out on a Wednesday or Thursday and let yourself disconnect from your typical work week routine.

9. Let go of meal times. Start your day off by eating something divine for breakfast when you’re hungry. Then, wait until you’re hungry again, and go for something delicious for lunch. Repeat for dinner. Getting out of the meal time rut will help your days feel more fun and relaxed. 

10. Take back control of your schedule. Block off time on your work calendar for a 15 minute afternoon stroll, schedule your meetings during times when you feel like being more social (I always preferred them in the afternoon) and schedule independent tasks for when you’re most productive on your own (I am always more independently productive in the morning). 

11. Socialize more with co-workers. Take 10-15 minutes breaks where you talk about nothing work-related. 

12. Create pockets of time to stay connected to friends during the day. Send your man sweet/funny text messages, ask your friends how their day is going, send around funny or interesting links. 

13. Eat something amazing for breakfast one morning. Like a chocolate croissant with a hot cup of joe. Make it an experience.

14. Look for a fun recipe to cook one night. Make it something you’re really excited about cooking. Then, set the table really nicely, bring out your favorite plates, light a candle, eat slowly, and dine like the important woman that you are. 

Did any of these suggestions get you excited?

When you’re in the drivers seat of your life and taking action to create a life full of variety and fun, THAT is when your binges stop, your pants get looser, and you feel your best. 

Give some of these a shot and let me know if you notice an immediate difference in how you feel.  

I’d love for you to share how you have fun and variety during your work week in the comments. Do you have any other suggestions or ways that you make the work week feel more like the weekend? Do you need help with this? 


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This place is for you: To explore what your soul needs to hear today.

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