What people are saying about the MYL program…

Sometimes it’s scary to make a big investment.

I have made many large investments in my personal development over the years, and it is ALWAYS scary!

One thing that has really helped me figure out if something is right for me is to read testimonials.

It’s so helpful to see that other people have been in my shoes and have seen REAL results from a certain program.

We have gotten incredible feedback from Master Your Life over the past two years, and I just have to share it with you!

So here are a handful of our favorite quotes from the ladies of MYL…. I know this will help you say YES if you are on the fence!

I realize now that I signed up for MYL because I was so worn out from striving — striving to be happy, to be thin, to find my passion, to follow my passion, to be the fun girl, to have it all together. I was tired of striving and I was tired of failing. I signed up on a gut feeling, not knowing much about Jamie or her work, but I was drawn to Jamie’s caring personality. I felt that she understood the effect that food and body image can have on confidence, and what I was doing just wasn’t working anymore. Jamie’s program seemed like the right type of change for me and I am SO happy I did it! I really feel like a better ME for the first time — I am more calm, open and happy. It’s like these dark heavy curtains that I didn’t even know were there have been lifted! — Brittney Billings

This program is really an investment in you, and this work is so important. As women, it’s something that we’re not really taught to do, but it’s just so important that we take care of us. A lot of times we put it to the side…it took me until my 30’s to really focus on these issues I have with food and my body. Now that I have, I really finally have the joy and relationships in my life that I’ve always wanted. MYL is definitely an investment, but it’s completely worth it. — Natalia Eagan

MYL gave me so much more confidence in every area of my life, especially my career. When I signed up for the course I was unsure if I was in the right job, and I was struggling to find my passion and my purpose. I feel like now I have so many tools and strategies, and I am much more prepared to get myself through any struggle or stress that comes up. I’ve also learned to really trust myself; I feel like I can connect with myself and know what I need in any moment. — Jess Juliano

I loved Master Your Life. I feel so much more comfortable putting myself out there, dealing with emotions, and actually expressing myself, which was something unexpected for me through this process. A lot of what came up for me was about taking time for myself and slowing down. I loved the lessons because I was able to plan ahead each week and really make time for myself to be sure that I was getting what I wanted out of each one. — Sara Westfall

Jamie was always there. She made me feel very comfortable which means a lot to me. She was the type of coach that I could personally really relate to; I love that she is relatable and a real person. She is a great mentor and really a role model for me. She was easy to understand and I felt that she really took the time to listen to our questions and answer them, while also challenging us and our old ways of thinking. — Marissa Cunningham

The two biggest things I got from Master Your Life were confidence and peace. I never considered myself a confident person before MYL, but I’ve established such a great relationship with myself, which in turn has given me so much more confidence. I now feel like I can really show up in my life! I also have so much more peace within myself and in my relationships. Since doing the course, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted that I didn’t even know was there; I just feel so much lighter and happier than I was before. — Stephanie Fellenberg

When I signed up for Master Your Life I wasn’t really in touch with my feelings; I was just busy, busy, busy, always running around and DOING something. I never stopped for some quiet time with my own thoughts and everything was a distraction from what was happening in my life. I didn’t even know how I felt about things because I didn’t let myself really think or feel. MYL helped me take a break and listen to my body, my heart, and my mind. It helped me to slow down and get in touch with myself by meditating, journaling, and thinking about things at a deeper level. Jamie was an excellent listener, she gives amazing feedback, and she really helped me get to the core of things. She gets why you feel the way you feel and she helps you identify this in yourself. Whether you are having relationship problems, body / food problems, work problems, family problems, or problems with anything else in your life, Jamie can help you get back in touch with yourself and teach you how to really listen to yourself. — Andrea Palten

I signed up for MYL because my life felt chaotic and overwhelming. I was skeptical that a course could really change my life because I felt like there weren’t enough hours in a day and I always felt stressed. The change I’ve felt after MYL has been amazing! Before the course I had no idea how dysfunctional my relationship with my feelings (or lack of relationship) was; I’d do anything to avoid feeling them. Because of MYL, I’m now able to recognize my feelings and accept them without judgment and without trying to cover them up. I’m more gentle with myself, and I now better know myself and my needs. This course is life changing; the principles I’ve learned help me to feel like I’m fulfilling my purpose and life finally feels easy! — Brooke Bowman Urry

Master Your Life has really been the catalyst I needed to start working on me and believing in me. Jamie is such an inspiration to me, and through my self-care journey, I’ve learned that I love helping others to be the healthiest version of themselves too. After a lot of soul-searching, I’ve decided to go back to school for my MBA; I’m hoping I can use it to further my career and head down a path that will fulfill me even more. I am so grateful to Jamie and the MYL course, and I can’t wait to go through it again next year and see how much I’ve improved in my self-care journey. — Jen Williams

I LOVED the course. I’ve already had so much good come of it. I’ve listened to every audio lesson, every call, listened to the bonus material, bought some of the guests’ books…I’ve become a bit of a junkie. The lessons are invaluable. I think my soul has been starving for this. — Melinda McCann

When I signed up for Master Your Life, I was struggling with feeling out of control around food and I was so unhappy in my body. I constantly felt stressed that I needed to lose 20 pounds by tomorrow. I was stuck in a cycle of stress, eat, self-loathe, repeat. Through MYL I learned how to deal with some of the stresses I was feeling by listening to my body, calming my mind, and taking really good care of myself. I gained self-love, self-compassion, a better perspective on my life, and I learned to believe that the last meal I ate and the size of my pants does not define me. — Millie Hughes

Jamie is brilliant and completely on track for how to make lasting, beautiful change that can bring more joy and peace to your life. Through MYL I’ve learned more about myself, how to enjoy my life, and how to feel comfortable in my own skin. I plan to use the tools I’ve learned to continue with this personal growth and keep conquering the fears I had. I really believe that things come into our lives when we are ready to receive them, and I am so glad I found and stuck with the course — my first lesson was feeling my worth to spend the money on MYL for myself without hiding it from my husband! — Sherrie Hartman

Pretty great, right!? I’m telling you… the Master Your Life program is profound.

It will change the way you operate.

It will help you live lighter and with more strength, calm, and grace.

It will help you know yourself, pay attention to yourself, and learn to love yourself.

Let’s do this!! Here’s where to enroll (watch the video and then enter your info to be taken to the enrollment page!) 🙂

Love you!


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