Self Care To Boost Your Career (free webinar)


When I talk about self-care, you know by now that I don’t just mean drinking green juice and manicures (which reminds me, I really need a pedicure, but anyway…), but I mean taking care of ourselves on much, much deeper levels.

One area of our lives that we need a LOT of self-care in is our careers. After all, we spend most of our waking hours working! This area deserves a lot of attention to ensure that we are showing up each day feeling our best – from a mental, emotional, physical, and soulful level.

In my program coming out in a couple weeks (seriously, where has the time gone!?), I spend an entire week on Self-Care in our Careers, because I’ve found through working with thousands of women, that this is an area where the right Self-Care can seriously boost us, and a lack of Self-Care can really stand in our way.

So what do I mean when I say Career Self-Care? I mean…

Taking care of yourself mentally, so that you’re not letting fears, saboteurs, self-doubt, limiting beliefs and negative self-talk stand in your way of your potential. When we’re not actively taking care of our minds, we can feel small, held back, and less powerful in our careers. However, when we take steps to manage our fears and negative stories, we clear a path to way more courage, the ability to be our real selves, and taking our careers and lives to the next level.

Taking care of yourself physically, so that you’re able to bring energy, enthusiasm and vibrancy to your job. Our bodies and physical needs can’t be ignored, but it’s so easy for us to overlook our physical self-care when we’re focused on getting things done at work. When we take care of ourselves physically, we can bring way more to the table.

Taking care of yourself emotionally, so that you’re able to deal with the ups and downs of your job with grace, calm, and resilience. As you push yourself more in your career, you WILL be confronted with challenging situations. Being able to handle your emotions is crucial to being able to ride the waves and continue to powerfully forge ahead.

Taking care of yourself soulfully, so that you’re making sure you’re pursuing projects, ideas, and even jobs that light you up. It’s SO important to take care of your Soul so that you’re living a life that is truly and deeply fulfilling, rather than going down a path that just isn’t doing it for you. When you’re taking care of this part of you, everyone benefits – your spark and energy is contagious!

So with all that being said, I am SO excited to invite you to a free webinar all about Self-Care in your Career. I’m doing this because I know how important this area is to your happiness.

I’ve partnered with Career & Leadership Coach, Romy Kalvaria, who also happens to be one of my best friends. We’ve created an awesome event for you which we know you’ll find informative, thought provoking and clarifying. You’ll walk away with clear steps for how to take your self-care to the next level so you can boost your career.

Get signed up for the webinar here! It is totally free 🙂

And if you can’t make it, but want the recording, sign up anyway. We’ll send you the recording within 24 hours of the event.

I can’t wait to see you there! It’s going to be a deeply nourishing conversation.

Lots of love,

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