6 Month Private Mentorship

You May Be:

  • Frustrated with your constant struggle with food and keep wondering why you can’t just get this food thing down
  • So caught up in self doubt and insecurities that you’re watching precious opportunities to have fun in your life pass you by every single day
  • Withholding from others because you don’t feel good about yourself; this is taking a toll  on your relationships
  • Dealing with a tyrannical inner voice dictating what you can and cannot do and every little “slip up” gives this voice more power
  • Held hostage by uncomfortable feelings and emotions; the smallest thing that goes wrong causes you to spiral into an abyss of negativity
  • Feeling disconnected from yourself which is preventing you from living with clarity and intuition


You just want to be happier.


In my signature VIP 6 month mentorship program, I intimately guide you toward your ultimate healthy body, a soul that feels lit up and excited about your life, a rock solid emotional core so you can handle anything that comes your way, and a mindset that allows you to plow through fear and be who you really want to be.

I help you master yourself
so you can master your life.

This is deep rooted self care. It’s about more than just getting manicures and drinking green juice.

it’s about caring for your soul

because you deserve to follow your inner calls. They’re guiding you toward your happiest life.

it’s about learning how to handle the full range
of your emotions, especially the pain.

it’s about ensuring you’re taking impeccable care of your mind

so that your thoughts support who you want to be instead of taking you down.

it’s about learning what taking care of your body looks like, for you.

Not the way that diet says you should do it.

When you’re taking care of yourself in this way, your health easily falls into place, your life feels more fulfilling and purpose driven, and you have access to more peace and happiness on a day to day basis.


Want to finally slim down and stop constantly worrying about food? It’s time to go deeper than a quick fix diet (which doesn’t work). You need to understand your behaviors around WHY you’re overeating in order to stop and slim down permanently.

Are you desperate to quiet the tyrannical voice in your head constantly telling you you can’t / shouldn’t / you’re not enough and instead flow through your life confidently with more peace? I’m going to give you the tools, a roadmap, to finally get there.

Do you look at other women who seem to have it all together and wish so badly you were like them? This program’s going to show you how to claim that way of living for yourself. You’ll learn the lifestyle and daily practices to support that while also clearing away old beliefs, patterns and behaviors that are holding you back.

It’s All About You

This 6 month experience is all about YOU. Not your kids, your job, your boss, your house or your partner.

It’s a deep exploration of who you are. What you need. What you can let go of. What it looks like to take care of your body. How to take care of your not­-so­-pretty emotions in a loving way rather than turning to food or lashing out at your partner.


Specifically, we can work together if you want:  ­

  • to work on your relationship with food
  • to lose weight without dieting
  • to feel better in your body
  • more confidence, purpose and direction in your life
  • to stop feeling like you’re frantically “going through the motions” in your life and instead want to feel grounded, calm and intentional
  • to learn deep self care practices that you can implement on a daily basis to start feeling healthier and more in touch with yourself

**note: you do not have to be struggling with food to work with me!

We’ll work together for six months and I’ll guide you inward, toward understanding and getting to know yourself better. By doing this, you’ll develop the necessary relationship with yourself that will propel all of these positive changes in your life without any “willpower” needed.

How the Mentorship Works


6 Months

We work together for 6 months. This is truly the time it takes to create real
transformation from the ground up. At the end of 6 months, you won’t have to “think”
about doing things differently, you just will do things differently. It’ll be ingrained in you, it’ll be second nature.



We talk for 45 minutes twice a month. These are our formal sessions and they’re completely tailored to you. During these calls, we’ll talk about what’s coming up for you in your life, I’ll guide you in a way that allows us to see exactly where you’re being held back and why, and we’ll move you toward a place of greater clarity, empowerment and freedom.


Practical Guidance

We end our calls with 2­-3 actions steps to keep you moving forward. I intuitively know where you need to focus between sessions, and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn in between sessions by playing around with your “homework”!


24/7 Personal Support

As a private client, you have complete access to me via phone, text and email. I’m there for you through it all, and I invite you to use me for support however you can.


Gifts + More Gifts

I provide you with books, meditations, and lots of other supplemental material to help create an environment for you that supports where you’re headed. This is super important in your growth; your environment needs to support the woman you want to be.


I would love to work with you.

I take on private mentorship clients as space becomes available. Enter your name and email below and we will send you an application. If it seems like a good fit, we’ll schedule a complimentary consultation with you to discuss working together in more detail!

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Thank you, and I can’t wait to get to know you!!

What My Clients Are Saying

“I feel elegant, light, and sexy”

Before working with Jamie I was totally obsessed with food and was extremely self critical. I planned every second of my day, every meal, every workout and was completely unhappy and not living my life to the fullest. Since working with Jamie, I’ve released my obsession with food and am able to actually listen to what my body’s craving. Every day now is as delicious, enjoyable and fabulous as possible! I love everything about working with Jamie ­ I’ve not only learned so much about myself but I can honestly say that I’ve learned to love and accept myself completely. The most unexpected benefit of working with Jamie is that I now live my life exactly how I want to feel. I feel elegant, light, and sexy. If you’re looking to add more fun, love and fabulousity to your life, you should consider working with her. She’ll give you countless new ways to spruce up your life and treat yourself like a queen.

Nina Sasson | Digital Account Executive at Rolling Stone

“Working with Jamie was the most valuable experience of my life and I consider it an irreplaceable gift to myself”

For the very first time in 27 years, my daily life is dominated not by food or thoughts of my next meal but by the mundane things that dominate anyone else’s life. Early on in my childhood I learned to cope with difficult or profound emotions with food. I overate when I was bored, afraid, agitated, happy, upset, sad, lonely, excited, anxious…masking what was really unfolding in my head. And because of that, food was always on my mind. My body too was always on my mind­­how it looked, how it felt, but never how I could honor it and treat it with the love it deserved. I’d alternate daily, sometimes hourly, between emotional eating and strict diet/exercise, and inevitably I’d take both options to the extreme. After coping with a particularly difficult episode in my life by overeating and subsequently gaining almost 20 pounds, I recognized the pain I was inflicting on myself and reached a breaking point. I didn’t want to feel so disgusted with myself anymore and began searching for an alternative to diet plans and self­-help books.

Working with Jamie was the most special, valuable experience of my life, and I consider it an irreplaceable gift to myself. She is a beautiful person with the kindest soul, and every time we spoke, I felt her love and compassion for me. She treats every client like a close friend, and you really do feel it.

Jamie instilled in me what no diet program or nutritionist could—peace of mind and trust in my body. She helped me unpack my anxieties, perceptions, and associations around food. And the best thing about Jamie is she guides her clients to a place where we are doing the emotional work ourselves. Why am I thinking about this? Why am I feeling that? What is my body really asking for? Jamie taught me to respond to these questions on my own, not with food, but with honest, genuine answers. I no longer worry about my next meal­­when it will be, what it will be, how much I’ll eat, how much other people will take off my plate. I no longer fixate on the granola bar or chocolate candy in my purse. I no longer worry about feeling painfully hungry or feeling uncomfortably full. I know how to accept these feelings as they come and determine what I truly need at any given moment. With Jamie’s guidance, I learned that my body carries all the answers I’ll ever need­­my body naturally knows what food feels right and what movement feels good. Jamie has taught me the value of listening to the sensations, emotions, and feelings that my body generates and leading a life that appropriately tends to those needs.

And I’m thrilled to say that because of it, I’ve naturally lost almost all of the weight I initially gained, simply by staying in tune with myself.

What Jamie has taught me most of all is the power of being present­­with food, with my body, and in life as a whole. I am immensely grateful to Jamie for truly transforming my life. ­ Melina Soroka, Advertising Intern

Melina Soroka | Advertising Intern

“The amount of life change that occurred while working with Jamie is nothing short of miraculous”

I wasn’t always plagued by food issues or body hate.  But, several years ago I found myself feeling a bit out of shape and eager to support my husband through his own weight loss journey by adhering to a rigorous workout plan and strict diet together.  After only two months I had indeed lost weight, along with my period, my sanity and any semblance of a healthy relationship with food or my body.  Thus began a long and painful ride on the restrict/binge roller coaster. The cycle left me sick, stressed and gaining weight.  After years of shaming myself for lack of willpower and food obsession and desperately turning over every leaf to find the “cure” for my rabid binges, growing thighs and diminishing joy, I discovered Jamie.

Jamie rocked my world in the best of ways and she is just so lovely and down to earth.  While I signed up for the private coaching experience in order to end my binge eating behaviors and lose the weight I had gained from yo­yo dieting, the results didn’t stop there!  The amount of life change that occurred while under Jamie’s gentle counsel and encouragement is nothing short of miraculous.  I came to Jamie sad, desperate and stuck and have “graduated” from the program joyful and full of ambition.  She helped me to regain confidence, value myself and celebrate my unique and rightful place in this world.  I learned to care for myself by closing some doors and opening even more.  Jamie taught me self­-compassion, the benefits of introspection and reflection and of course how to enjoy myself around food and love the body I am in.

Sure there were moments when I beat my fists on the ground and shouted, “This isn’t working!”  There were times when I doubted the process and found myself elbow deep in an economy size bag of chocolate chips – but Jamie was there all the while guiding me towards food freedom.  Eventually, the binges stopped, not because I willed them away but because I no longer needed nor wanted them.  I regained my health and my life which I am now living to its fullest – often around the table with friends and family – making memories not studying menus. Jamie is an inspiring coach and an amazing person and I am daily thankful that our paths crossed.

Lu Uhrich | Mother of Three and Blogger at Lu Eats

“I have more fun now than I ever did and finally believe that thing called balance really does exist!”

When I decided to work with Jamie, I was already in a way healthier place with food than I had been for years. However, I still felt like I had something holding me back from complete freedom and wasn’t enjoying my life as much as I knew I could if I let the rest of it go. I owe it to Jamie for getting me over that last bump and helping me get to where I wanted to be. Not only did working with her help me gain an even better relationship with food, but it also made me have more love for my body, my relationships, and life in general. I have more fun now than I ever did and finally believe that thing called “balance” really does exist! Jamie acted as my mentor, therapist, and friend and I will forever be grateful for my time working with her. Wherever you are with your struggle with food or body image, I can’t recommend Jamie enough to help you. She will give you the tools to work through the hard times and be your cheerleader during the good times. Thank you Jamie – you are amazing!! ­

Hayley Blake | Teacher

“I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it is to work with Jamie”

Jamie leaves no stone unturned! I never realized how many parts of my life have factored into my long time struggle with food, my weight and my confidence. Jamie and I literally talked about everything and she became way more to me than a “health coach”. Every time we talked it was like getting on the phone with my best friend who gives incredible advice. Through my work with Jamie, I now truly believe that diets don’t work for me and that the non­-diet lifestyle can be wonderful and amazing.

Lizzie Mongan | Digital Marketing & Social Media Analyst