“Jamie was the best nutritionist I have ever worked with.”

I started working with her because I have PCOS and Insulin Resistance, and knew I wanted to get pregnant again. I wanted to do everything I could to put my body in the best position to be able to conceive. Jamie didn’t put a time limit on getting to know me from a food and exercise standpoint, and she really took the time to discuss my medical background. Every time we talked, she was prepared and had excellent recommendations. The best parts of working with Jamie are the fact that she is realistic and she explains her recommendations in depth. When I discussed some areas of the meal plan that I was having a hard time with, Jamie was realistic in giving me healthier options to the unhealthy items that I was eating. For example, when I was craving some chocolate with ice cream, Jamie recommended dark chocolate with some kind of fat so that it is digested more slowly. She explained the difference between the sweets that I was indulging in and the sweets that would be more beneficial if I had to reach for something sugary. She didn’t ban any item from my diet, which I had been previously doing for years and was feeling deprived from. When Jamie and I spoke about the meal plan that she formulated, it seemed like she was quite thoughtful in the foods that she chose, in knowing my food preferences and needs from my PCOS and insulin resistance. She explained and gave a rationale for every food on the plan, which is the type of discussion that I had never had with previous nutritionists. Because I knew the rationale behind each food item, I felt more responsible for my well-being and that I had the knowledge to balance my diet myself. Overall, I feel healthier with the new food items that I have introduced into my diet. I’m also loving the fun and delicious new recipes that I keep discovering! Oh yeah, and I got pregnant right after our sessions ended! Thank you, Jamie!

Amanda R. | Mother and Special Education Department Chair

“Working with Jamie made me so much more aware of what I was putting in my body and what was possibly missing.”

I had never stopped to take inventory of my diet in the way I did with Jamie! I suffer from an Autoimmune Condition and knew I needed to reduce certain foods; through my work with Jamie, I was able to reduce certain foods without ever feeling like I was missing out or deprived. I now have menu’s I can work off of and a much more nutritional and science-backed approach to food.

Romy Rost | Mother and Career Coach

“I would recommend this challenge to any woman who is experiencing any kind of body image issue and/or low self-esteem because of body image struggles.”

I really appreciate that Jamie has also gone through this journey and had her own challenges with food and body image. She is honest, relatable, and she makes the work fun! It is definitely worth signing up and doing the work – your body will thank you!

Abby Witkin

“In previous challenges I’ve done, I haven’t really shared in Facebook groups, but I found that interacting with the other women and being more open and vulnerable during this challenge was really empowering and helped me feel less alone.

I also really enjoyed and benefited from Jamie’s interactive and supportive feedback in the Facebook group.

I would definitely recommend this challenge to anyone struggling with their body image! It really helped me set aside some time to cultivate a stronger relationship with my body and I have a much greater awareness now of how I treat her. I also feel like I have a really practical toolkit now that I can continue coming back to when I need it.

Danielle Fulmer

“My relationship with my body has always been difficult and I have never been satisfied with my body as is.

I let this rule so much of my life and it was utterly soul-crushing. I signed up for the Challenge because I knew it was time to really focus on how I felt about my body and to improve the relationship I had with her. Since the Challenge, I’ve been feeling much more comfortable in and with my body as it is now. The changes I’ve seen in myself have been really positive — it’s a great feeling and certainly a lot less stressful!

I loved the daily challenges, and they definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. I really liked that each one seemed to lead you to the next and it all progressed very naturally. I also thought the feedback from Jamie in the Facebook group was so helpful. She would ask questions that lead to deeper insight and often made me think about things from a different perspective.

I would definitely recommend Jamie’s Body Image Challenge! So many women are struggling with body image and could use some help finding their way to more peaceful relationships with their bodies. The challenge is simple to do, it has a lot of impact, and I love that it can be done at your own pace and over and over again.

Beth Valkenberg


I would absolutely recommend Jamie’s Body Image Challenge to every girl I know. Every girl struggles in one way or another, in different areas and on different levels, but we all have insecurities when it comes to body image. Whether you feel like body image is a big issue for you or not, this challenge will bring up stuff you might not even know you struggle with.

Before signing up for the challenge I was nervous about the time commitment. I only wanted to do it if I could really give 100%, but something I learned in the challenge is that you can’t always give 100% to self-care, but every little bit helps, and honoring that is the actual essence of self-care.

One of my favorite things about the challenge is how open and vulnerable Jamie is. She shares applicable examples from her own life that helped me to deal with similar struggles in my life in a healthy way.

It was surprising to me that at the end of the challenge I felt really satisfied with the work I had done and the place I was at, even though I didn’t lose any weight or magically stop craving sugar. There was surprising contentment with nothing changing on the outside but everything changing on the inside.

Kat Nesbitt

“I would absolutely recommend Jamie’s Body Image Challenge.

Honestly, any woman alive in this society has body shit they need to work on! Personally, I didn’t expect to see changes in my eating as a result of the challenge; I’m very firmly in the anti-diet camp and had done a lot of work on food/eating. But I was struggling with my relationship to my body in other ways.

Before the challenge, I felt like my body was letting me down; I was angry at my body, I blamed it for holding me back, and I didn’t take my own pain and physical limitations seriously. Since participating in the challenge, I feel like my body and I are on the same team. I am much more accepting of the reality of my physical pain and limitations, but I’m also so much more aware of what my body CAN do.

Don’t assume that if you’ve done body image work before you already know the questions and answers — this challenge takes that work deeper.

Kara Lowentheil

“I feel elegant, light, and sexy”

Before working with Jamie I was totally obsessed with food and was extremely self critical. I planned every second of my day, every meal, every workout and was completely unhappy and not living my life to the fullest. Since working with Jamie, I’ve released my obsession with food and am able to actually listen to what my body’s craving. Every day now is as delicious, enjoyable and fabulous as possible! I love everything about working with Jamie ­ I’ve not only learned so much about myself but I can honestly say that I’ve learned to love and accept myself completely. The most unexpected benefit of working with Jamie is that I now live my life exactly how I want to feel. I feel elegant, light, and sexy. If you’re looking to add more fun, love and fabulousity to your life, you should consider working with her. She’ll give you countless new ways to spruce up your life and treat yourself like a queen.

Nina Sasson | Digital Account Executive at Rolling Stone

“Working with Jamie was the most valuable experience of my life and I consider it an irreplaceable gift to myself”

For the very first time in 27 years, my daily life is dominated not by food or thoughts of my next meal but by the mundane things that dominate anyone else’s life. Early on in my childhood I learned to cope with difficult or profound emotions with food. I overate when I was bored, afraid, agitated, happy, upset, sad, lonely, excited, anxious…masking what was really unfolding in my head. And because of that, food was always on my mind. My body too was always on my mind­­how it looked, how it felt, but never how I could honor it and treat it with the love it deserved. I’d alternate daily, sometimes hourly, between emotional eating and strict diet/exercise, and inevitably I’d take both options to the extreme. After coping with a particularly difficult episode in my life by overeating and subsequently gaining almost 20 pounds, I recognized the pain I was inflicting on myself and reached a breaking point. I didn’t want to feel so disgusted with myself anymore and began searching for an alternative to diet plans and self­-help books.

Working with Jamie was the most special, valuable experience of my life, and I consider it an irreplaceable gift to myself. She is a beautiful person with the kindest soul, and every time we spoke, I felt her love and compassion for me. She treats every client like a close friend, and you really do feel it.

Jamie instilled in me what no diet program or nutritionist could—peace of mind and trust in my body. She helped me unpack my anxieties, perceptions, and associations around food. And the best thing about Jamie is she guides her clients to a place where we are doing the emotional work ourselves. Why am I thinking about this? Why am I feeling that? What is my body really asking for? Jamie taught me to respond to these questions on my own, not with food, but with honest, genuine answers. I no longer worry about my next meal­­when it will be, what it will be, how much I’ll eat, how much other people will take off my plate. I no longer fixate on the granola bar or chocolate candy in my purse. I no longer worry about feeling painfully hungry or feeling uncomfortably full. I know how to accept these feelings as they come and determine what I truly need at any given moment. With Jamie’s guidance, I learned that my body carries all the answers I’ll ever need­­my body naturally knows what food feels right and what movement feels good. Jamie has taught me the value of listening to the sensations, emotions, and feelings that my body generates and leading a life that appropriately tends to those needs.

And I’m thrilled to say that because of it, I’ve naturally lost almost all of the weight I initially gained, simply by staying in tune with myself.

What Jamie has taught me most of all is the power of being present­­with food, with my body, and in life as a whole. I am immensely grateful to Jamie for truly transforming my life. ­ Melina Soroka, Advertising Intern

Melina Soroka | Advertising Intern

“Everyone keeps asking me what Im doing and what I eat and I immediately tell them to check out Jamie!”

Jamie has truly changed my life. There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t think about her and the impact she’s had on my life. I’ve lost weight, but more importantly, I feel the most confident and comfortable I’ve ever felt in my body and my skin. I eat when I’m hungry, eat what I love, and my life is way more enjoyable. EVERYONE keeps asking me what I’m doing and what I eat and I immediately tell them to check out Jamie Mendell!! I would recommend working with Jamie to anyone who is sick of dieting and wants to learn to take care of themselves and love themselves again.

Gia Jess | First Grade Teacher

“The amount of life change that occurred while working with Jamie is nothing short of miraculous”

I wasn’t always plagued by food issues or body hate.  But, several years ago I found myself feeling a bit out of shape and eager to support my husband through his own weight loss journey by adhering to a rigorous workout plan and strict diet together.  After only two months I had indeed lost weight, along with my period, my sanity and any semblance of a healthy relationship with food or my body.  Thus began a long and painful ride on the restrict/binge roller coaster. The cycle left me sick, stressed and gaining weight.  After years of shaming myself for lack of willpower and food obsession and desperately turning over every leaf to find the “cure” for my rabid binges, growing thighs and diminishing joy, I discovered Jamie.

Jamie rocked my world in the best of ways and she is just so lovely and down to earth.  While I signed up for the private coaching experience in order to end my binge eating behaviors and lose the weight I had gained from yo­yo dieting, the results didn’t stop there!  The amount of life change that occurred while under Jamie’s gentle counsel and encouragement is nothing short of miraculous.  I came to Jamie sad, desperate and stuck and have “graduated” from the program joyful and full of ambition.  She helped me to regain confidence, value myself and celebrate my unique and rightful place in this world.  I learned to care for myself by closing some doors and opening even more.  Jamie taught me self­-compassion, the benefits of introspection and reflection and of course how to enjoy myself around food and love the body I am in.

Sure there were moments when I beat my fists on the ground and shouted, “This isn’t working!”  There were times when I doubted the process and found myself elbow deep in an economy size bag of chocolate chips – but Jamie was there all the while guiding me towards food freedom.  Eventually, the binges stopped, not because I willed them away but because I no longer needed nor wanted them.  I regained my health and my life which I am now living to its fullest – often around the table with friends and family – making memories not studying menus. Jamie is an inspiring coach and an amazing person and I am daily thankful that our paths crossed.

Lu Uhrich | Mother of Three and Blogger at Lu Eats

“Jamie helped free me from all the crazy rules I had for years”

I have been carrying around two mental lists in my life surrounding food. One titled “Should/Must” and another, even longer one titled “Can’t/Don’t”.  I am happy to say with Jamie’s help through the Intuitive Eating Challenge, I have crumpled up those lists and thrown them away.

With a clear, insightful, and lovable approach, Jamie presents her ideas simply, elegantly, and in a practical way. I felt like I could easily apply each day’s learning to my life, and received immediate feedback through my happier and “lighter” way of being.

The Challenge helped free me from all the crazy rules that I have been following for years, and helped rid my head of my obsessions surrounding food and the scale. I feel like I am finally free, and able to see clearly with no more battles to wage against my enemy self. And I am loving, yes, LOVING to eat again.  ­

Melinda McCann | Accounting

“Nothing has helped the way working 1-1 with Jamie has”

After 3 months of working with Jamie, the results on the scale are showing up, but I have to say that the emotional and mental results I’ve seen are the biggest takeaway. I’ve always wanted to make peace with food, but have never been able to get there. Since working with Jamie, I finally have that. Weight has been a struggle of mine for many, many years and while I’ve read tons of books, blogs, etc about Intuitive Eating, nothing has helped the way working one­-on­-one with Jamie has.

Cheryl Bagtaz | HR Professional

“I feel happy, I feel confident and I feel free”

I found the Intuitive Eating Challenge after spending the last few years battling with diet plans and binging. If you are thinking about starting the challenge.. do it! The challenge also connects you to a Facebook support group which is an incredible reminder that you are not alone in your battles with food. I can honestly say this challenge has changed me, not just my eating habits but every part of my life. I feel happy, I feel confident and I feel free

Alice Dalrymple

“Every woman should participate in the Challenge”

Every woman should participate in the Intuitive Eating Challenge no matter where they are in life. These lessons go beyond food and teach us how to cultivate a life full of love and passion.”  ­

Annie S. | Financial Planner

“Working with Jamie has been worth every penny”

Jamie really understands the struggle with food that many women have and is able to sift through all the “bull” to get to the meat of it. I was hesitant to start working with Jamie due to the cost, but my concerns were unfounded as it has been worth every penny. I was hesitant to do private coaching ­­  I wondered if I would be able to gain new insights because I have been a psychotherapist for 14 years; I am always thinking about these types of things. But I have been SO pleased at the level of insight Jamie has provided me with. I absolutely could not have made as much progress as I have without her.

She is fun, personable, and holds me accountable in a way that is helpful and kind. After 25 years of feeling like I was literally powerless over my trigger foods, they have now actually lost most of their allure. I still enjoy them, but their power over me has subsided. I have noticed a literal shift in the way I think about my body, exercise and food and I’m more comfortable in my own skin.

By focusing on my relationship with food and my body, it has opened doors to think about romantic relationships and other goals I have for my life. Through my work with Jamie, I’ve realized how much I’ve held myself back in other areas while focusing on dieting and losing weight. Jamie has helped me look through these corners of my life and has been by my side while figuring it all out.

I would absolutely recommend working with Jamie and I’m truly grateful for everything she has helped me accomplish.

Alesia Wilson | Licensed Clinical Social Worker

“I have more fun now than I ever did and finally believe that thing called balance really does exist!”

When I decided to work with Jamie, I was already in a way healthier place with food than I had been for years. However, I still felt like I had something holding me back from complete freedom and wasn’t enjoying my life as much as I knew I could if I let the rest of it go. I owe it to Jamie for getting me over that last bump and helping me get to where I wanted to be. Not only did working with her help me gain an even better relationship with food, but it also made me have more love for my body, my relationships, and life in general. I have more fun now than I ever did and finally believe that thing called “balance” really does exist! Jamie acted as my mentor, therapist, and friend and I will forever be grateful for my time working with her. Wherever you are with your struggle with food or body image, I can’t recommend Jamie enough to help you. She will give you the tools to work through the hard times and be your cheerleader during the good times. Thank you Jamie – you are amazing!! ­

Hayley Blake | Teacher

“I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it is to work with Jamie”

Jamie leaves no stone unturned! I never realized how many parts of my life have factored into my long time struggle with food, my weight and my confidence. Jamie and I literally talked about everything and she became way more to me than a “health coach”. Every time we talked it was like getting on the phone with my best friend who gives incredible advice. Through my work with Jamie, I now truly believe that diets don’t work for me and that the non­-diet lifestyle can be wonderful and amazing.

Lizzie Mongan | Digital Marketing & Social Media Analyst

“I re-learned my strength and fortitude through our work”

Everyone deserves a cheerleader to be an advocate and support system throughout their journey. Jamie was that cheerleader, standing by me as an objective friend through a very overwhelming period in my life. For Jamie, this is truly purpose­-driven work. She is an old soul, and has helped me achieve clarity and balance. I have been able to re-learn my strength and fortitude, and would highly recommend her program.

Kathy Skinner | Education Consultant

“It’s always been hard to find the right kind of help because I felt that no one seemed to get me. Jamie was different.”

She really understood what I was enduring, and her genuine compassion made me feel so normal and accepted. She was there for me even in the hardest  moments between sessions to encourage me through. In this program, you really have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. But today, I can say food no longer controls my life. Even beyond food, Jamie helped me face anxieties and fears that kept me from deeper relationships and fulfilling experiences. Whether it is yo­-yo dieting, binge eating, or anything else, Jamie is consistently helpful and supportive through even the scariest moments.

Jamie Elchert | student

“Since working with Jamie, my life has done a 180”

Before working with Jamie my life was a bit of a mess. My world revolved around food ­- I would plan my meals at certain times and would plan my life around those meals. I had a mental list of good and bad and I could tell you the calorie count for most items.

My relationship with myself was worse than my relationship with food. I didn’t know myself at all.  I let my relationship with food mask who I was because in a way that was easier. My body image was terrible and I did not know what self­love was.

Since working with Jamie, my life has done a 180. I now go out with friends as much as I can. I hardly turn down an invitation unless I truly don’t want to go, but I don’t let food make that determination. I am kinder to my body and I love my body now. I know it’s not perfect but it is mine and I love it. I learned what I really want out of life and the direction I want to take. One of the most important things I learned is to trust myself. I no longer feel like my instincts are wrong, and that’s a game changer.

Jamie was like a security blanket, there for me every step of the way as I went through this process and had to tear down a lot of walls. She pushed me and asked the hard questions but was also so supportive and caring.

Through my work with her, I realized what was stopping me in my life and why I would turn to food. Now, I can honestly say that I am truly happy and so excited about what the future has in store for me!”

Ashley Pomes | Law School Student

“Because she’s been through this herself, I felt 100% open and safe with her”

Working with Jamie in her private coaching program helped pull me out of the hole I dug for
myself and really laid the foundation for me to finally heal. In the beginning, I thought it was all about the food, but she helped me see that it was much deeper than that and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.

I admire how she would gently stop me while I was talking and point something out that I didn’t recognize on my own. Because she has been through this herself, I felt 100% open and safe with her. I knew she was creating a healing environment where there was no judgement.

For anyone who has had ongoing struggles with being “normal” around food and/or has self-
esteem issues, I would DEFINITELY recommend working with Jamie!

Heather Powers | Cat Scan Technologist & Blogger at Kiss My Broccoli

“I feel sexy happy and healthy. What more could I ask for?”

After working with Jamie, I feel free. In high school and college, I couldn’t break free of the diet  mentality. My brain was constantly adding up calories, planning next meals, and dreaming about foods I couldn’t have. What a horrible way to live!  Every successful diet ended in an epic binge, followed by paralyzing guilt.

Today, I no longer have to measure out every tablespoon of food, or track everything in a stupid weight loss app on my iPhone. I don’t have to count and weigh and measure and go to sleep hungry. Jamie is the person to help. She is smart, well spoken, completely realistic, and makes you feel empowered. She gave me all of the tools and support I needed to make big changes in my life.

Carly Goldstein | Student & Fitness Instructor and blogger at Snack Therapy

“I would recommend the Intuitive Eating Challenge a million times over to everyone I know”

Where do I even begin to talk about the Intuitive Eating challenge? Simply with words that say Thank You. Thank you for reminding me that at the end of the day, I am a beautiful person and should love myself exactly where I am at.

The most noticeable difference I have experienced since the challenge is how I order food. Just last evening as I ordered a chicken burrito at a restaurant. While ordering a friend said out loud to the table “Gosh don’t you just love the new Kristina? Remember how lame she used to be?”. This comment brought a smile to my face. It feels good to see people notice how much more relaxed I am about meals and the food that’s being served.

What I did not anticipate to gain from the challenge is the mental and emotional cleanse. I am no longer on an emotional roller coaster of what to eat and what not to eat. I am simply living life with joy. Food is something to be excited about, to be passionate about and not

As part of the challenge, you are invited to a community of women that are sharing the same pain and struggles with you. It is as though you are welcomed to a dinner party with your close friends to drink wine, cry tears, laugh and share stories about how much of a blessing it is that we are alive. That we have bodies that are capable of bearing so much and that we should love them. We only get one body so why would we not?

So thank you Jamie. Thank you for offering up your wisdom, being real and listening. I would recommend this challenge a million times over to everyone I know.

Kristina Schermer | Second Grade Teacher in Honduras & Blogger at My Hearts Pitter Patter

“The Intuitive Eating Challenge completely changed my thinking about food”

Instead of fearing it, I can love it and take full pleasure in it, with no guilt. It’s definitely not a quick fix; it’s a journey, but it’s totally worth it! If you want to change your life for the better in several happy ways, consider taking this Challenge! You won’t regret it. ­

Hannah Bridges | May 2015 !E Challenge

“Jamie changed my life and the gift I got from her is priceless”

She empowered me to live bigger and more boldly! Before coming across Jamie’s work, everything about me was controlled, from the food I ate, to the way that I lived. After working with Jamie, I’ve finally been released from the prison of constantly thinking about food so that I can actually live my life completely. I’m more self aware and have greater clarity about who I am and what I want. This gift is PRICELESS and I am forever grateful to Jamie.

Keri Badach | Higher Education Administration

“Food doesn’t have any control over me any longer”

I now can firmly believe that I can eat anything without fear of gaining weight. That’s HUGE!

I am really sad that the 21 days of the Intuitive Eating Challenge are over. I would literally roll over in bed every morning to turn off the alarm on my phone and immediately check my email to read Jamie’s guidance for the day. I wanted to make sure that I was starting my morning off on the right foot!

I think the biggest benefit I’ve gained from the program is an emotional release from my food. It didn’t even seem to take any effort, but I just realized one day, a few days into the program, that food didn’t have any control over me.

Natalie Melchiorre | Personal Stylist at NatalieMelchiorre.com

“I love how real Jamie is”

I’m no longer scared of social outings, eating food that’s “not so good” for me, or giving my body what it craves.

The Intuitive Eating Challenge was exactly what I needed when I decided to address my emotional eating. I looked forward to the reassuring emails each morning, and they totally set the tone for my day. I loved how real Jamie was – her examples really hit home and made sense.

Jamie is helping me change my relationship with food. By releasing those stressors, I’ve been much more able to treat my body correctly, let go of anxiety, and lead a much more relaxed and happy lifestyle.

Clare Brady | Medical Student & Healthy Living Blogger at Fitting It All in

“I finally feel like I’m living my life!”

Intuitive Eating has really saved my life in a sense. I feel like a whole new person and it’s amazing.

I was bingeing a lot before the Intuitive Eating Challenge and was really unhappy. Since doing the Challenge, I FINALLY feel like I’m living my life! I’m doing things I’ve always been self-conscious about doing­ like dancing in public at a concert last night! I honestly feel so much more confident in myself and the binges have stopped. It’s truly amazing how much you can be freed from stress and other troubles by just letting go of food obsessions and eating intuitively. Intuitive Eating has really saved my life in a sense. To any woman considering taking this challenge, my advice is DO IT!!!! It will help you more than you can imagine.

Kim Whitbeck | Student