A week by week breakdown of the Master Your Life curriculum


I hope you’re having a great Sunday!

So, in two weeks from today, we’ll be starting the Master Your Life 8 Week Program. I can’t believe we’re so close!

I wanted to take some time to be completely transparent with you about what you can expect from the program, week to week.

I always love knowing all the details of something I’m considering enrolling in, and I’ve gotten so many great questions from you in the past couple of weeks, eager to learn more information.

My intention today is to honestly spell out what MYL will look like, week by week.

Just to go over the basics first, here’s a recap on HOW the information is delivered:

  • The program is 8 weeks long beginning Sunday, October 16th and ending December 9th
  • Each week, we study a new area of Self-Care (outlined below)
  • Every Sunday at 4pm EST, you will get access to a 45 minute audio lesson (with me speaking) and a gorgeous exploration workbook. They will cover the topic for that week.
  • You’ll be able to download and go through the audio + workbook in your own time, whatever works for you.
  • Wednesday evenings + Friday mornings, we all meet on a group conference call. This is your time to ask any questions and get some personalized coaching from me over the phone. Most people only dial into one of the weekly calls, two are provided just for your convenience to accommodate schedules (feel free to dial into both for extra support).
  • Each week, the structure repeats. Except for week 5. Week 5 is “Integration Week”, a super important week for you to relax and let the material you’ve learned settle into you. It’s also a great time to play catch up on anything you missed!

And now, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to learn in each week.

I wanted to really paint a picture for you! Here goes…

WEEK ONE: Handle your emotions with grace

Life has constant ups and downs, and my goal is to leave you in a place where you have full confidence that you can get through anything. The bad days, the breakups, the bad body image days, the surprises, the vulnerable conversations. I want you to know, deep in your bones, that you can handle it. During this week, we’ll cover why so many of us are disconnected and scared of our feelings, and you’ll get clear on which feelings are hardest for you to handle. I’ll also share openly about which feelings I find hardest to handle, too. I then go into giving you TEN strategies for gracefully handling your feelings in really healthy ways. Basically, I am helping you build a “toolbox” to draw from any time a hard feeling hits. You’ll learn how to handle these feelings with beautiful compassion, softness, and strength.

WEEK TWO: Heal your mind

Your mind is incredibly, incredibly powerful. A shift in your thoughts and mindset can create an entirely new way you live your life. Yes, it’s that powerful. In this week, I’ll be breaking down the “voices in your head” and showing you how to take a step back and get to know these voices. Specifically, we’ll be focusing on the voice of your ego, or inner critic, and the voice of your higher self, or intuition. You’ll reallllly get to know your inner critic – but not in a “I hate my inner critic!” kind of way, more of in a loving way. It’s so important to understand what your inner critic is doing and why. Then, we’ll focus a lot on how to strengthen the connection with your intuition, or higher self. This is where things get fun! I offer you 5 powerful ways to connect, listen to and turn up the volume on your intuition so you can live with way more power, confidence, and ease. I brought in guest expert, Jennifer Kass, to help us explore our minds and offer even more tools for taking our power back. 

WEEK THREE: Create a free, normal and fun relationship with food

This week, I break down exactly why dieting doesn’t work. You know I really don’t believe in dieting, so I’m painting the picture of exactly why… and why it’s NOT your fault that you find yourself deep in a pint of ice cream every time you try to diet. So, if not dieting, then what? The rest of this week’s lesson is all focused on how to create an EASY, free relationship with food. This is based on principles of intuitive eating, with my own tweaks and strategies layered on top of it. I give you some really fun exercises to start exploring how YOU want to eat and what you actually LIKE, how to think about hunger and fullness, how to have fun with food and still feel good in your body at the same time, how to take “trigger foods” (like ice cream and bread) off of a pedestal, and most of all… how to keep it SIMPLE. Yes, simple. This does not have to be so complicated, I promise! (I know, you probably feel like it IS, but I will walk you through this…)

WEEK FOUR: Love and adore your physical body

Can I be honest with you? I went back through this material recently, and it brought tears to my eyes. This is one of the most beautiful, deep, heartfelt weeks of the program. As women, I think we all struggle with our bodies at some point. How can we not, especially in the society we live in? I am so fiercely committed to allowing MY own body to ebb and flow while maintaining respect, connection and love for her, AND helping you do the same. This week we are going deep. Your body is CRAVING love and acceptance from you, and I’m showing you how to create this. We are breaking down body stories and beliefs that are keeping you insecure and small, I’m giving you a way to make peace with any “extra weight” you’re carrying around (this one brought several people last year to tears… in the best way possible), and giving you over 20 experiential ways to slowly start building that passionate, strong connection between you and your body. We’re also going over “exercise” this week – and especially how to rethink it so it’s joyful and fun, and of course diving deep in cooking, recipes, batch booking, and how to physically care for your body through food. I’ve brought in Natural Foods Chef, Michelle Kabler, as a guest this week to help us out and provide bonus material all about cooking + recipes + how to plan for your week.  

WEEK FIVE: Integration week!

Take a break, chill out, play catch up, and let your mind + body absorb the material.

WEEK SIX: Organize your schedule and revamp your environment

How we spend our time should be a reflection of what we value. But, so often we get caught up spending our time doing so many things that aren’t really adding to our lives or who we want to be. I’m teaching you three deep lessons that will change how you approach your schedule and how you spend your time (hint: more joy, more flow), you’ll explore your ideal days vs. how you’re living now, I’m offering 5 time management tools to help alleviate overwhelm, and walking you through exactly how to create an incredible, well rounded, values -based schedule every week. We’re then going into your environment, a really fun area! You’ll have the opportunity and tools to revamp areas of your environment to support the woman you’re becoming. I also brought in guest expert, Beth Penn, who teaches us all about organization and simplifying, and little strategies to clear out various corners of our lives to make room for a calm mind and what’s truly important.

WEEK SEVEN: Care for your soul by taking an honest look at your career

You spend most of your waking hours at your job, so this is a super important area of self-care. We’re starting off by looking at your current job. We’ll get crystal clear on why you’re in the job you’re in, and I’ll talk a lot about making your current job as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible by making sure that you’re clearing out any saboteurs that could be getting in your way (ie. thinking you’re bad at your job, that people don’t like you, etc.). We are so quick to want to jump ship, but before doing that, it’s crucial to first explore if there are any ways YOU are giving your power or enjoyment away at your current job. Then, we’ll dive into “purpose” and do some profound and fun soul-searching. I’ll help you explore your purpose!! These questions and exercises are super fun and interesting and good to come back to again and again. This is a very thought provoking part of the program. And, if you find that your “purpose” and current job don’t line up, I’ll walk you through what to do about this and how to move forward. I also brought in guest expert Romy Rost, Career & Leadership Coach, to answer common career questions and support you in this area. 

WEEK EIGHT: Improve your relationships for consistent love

This is another deep, deep week of the program. Our relationships are our biggest assignments, in large part because they teach us SO much about ourselves. I always say that we can only be as connected and intimate with others as we are to ourselves. Eek! As humans, we are WIRED for connection. It is something we crave so deeply. This week, I’m explaining how relationships are mirrors into ourselves, the 5 common ways we tend to block love and connection with others (without even realizing it), and then we go into how to connect deeper with others and create more fulfilling relationships. Through this, we will explore your shadow (the parts of you that you find hard to accept), how to show up more authentically with others, and what to do when you’re triggered by others. Lots of stuff here!!

So, that’s the premise of the program guys.

As you can see, there are some topics that are more deep, some that are more fun, but all of them are so important to explore in order to live a life in which you feel fulfilled, connected to and happy with yourself, and strong.

Of course, there is much more than what is laid out here, plus there is a workbook for every week, providing you with tons of exercises and thought provoking questions to help you integrate the material. And, there are our weekly group calls to give you an opportunity to ask me your own, personal questions.

I also want to remind you that although this may seem like a lot, and perhaps a bit overwhelming, that I am fully there to support you. I clear most of my calendar in the Fall just to focus on my MYL ladies, so I’ll be right there by your side.

I would love to have you in the program. As soon as you enroll, you get access to a short Jumpstart pre-course to whet your palette, plus the Facebook Group so you can start meeting the other women in the group.

To see all of the details and enroll today, click right here.

Lots of love!

P.S. Don’t forget about the webinar I’m hosting on Wednesday all about Supreme Self-Care and how it’s impacted everything in my life – from my relationship with food and my body, to my career, to my confidence. You can sign up right here.  

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