The moment that changed, and probably saved, my life

Today I want you to meet a really important person and someone with one of the most inspiring stories I know: my business manager, Melanie Buck. She makes the wheels turn in my business + I don’t know what I’d do without her, but beyond that, she has a story about changing her life that will give you the chills. I asked her to share her journey with you today and I can’t wait for you to hear what she has to say… here’s Mel:

If we haven’t already met, my name is Mel and I am Jamie’s Business Manager. I am so excited to be on the other side of the table today, sharing a little piece of my story, and giving you a little insight into my world.

I am an NYC based fitness freak, a self-proclaimed spiritual badass, and a forever wanderer. I love to laugh, spin, eat, dance, travel, shop, and explore. I have a daily meditation practice that I absolutely love, I can’t do anything in the morning without making my bed first, and I love to cook (really I love to make my boyfriend cook) weird, fun + healthy dinners. I live from a place of love and I am obsessed with curating a life I am fiercely passionate about. In my free time (ha!), I am a full-time grad student at NYU, getting my master’s in counseling for mental health + wellness.

I am usually (we all have our moments) happy, confident, bold, and outgoing – but I wasn’t always this way.

The person I am today is very very different from the person I was 2.5 years ago. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – I am nearly unrecognizable. I could go for days on all of the ways I’ve changed and evolved these past couple of years – but that’s not the point. What I want to share with you today is how I became who I am now. I want to tell you about the life changing moment where I woke up, put my stake in the ground, and decided to start living a life I love.

In the fall of 2014, I found myself at Soul Camp, a wellness retreat known as “sleepaway camp for adults”. When I say found myself, I mean I did not sign up for this retreat and I did not attend by choice; I found myself there because of my career as the admin director of the retreat venue.

Before this retreat, I had no experience with the wellness world: I thought self-care was selfish and a waste of time, and my definition of “intuitive eating” was regularly stuffing my face to avoid my feelings.

I had a good job, a great apartment, plenty of friends, and an extremely supportive family, but I wasn’t living a life I loved, or a life I was proud of. I was unhealthy + unhappy, and I was in total denial. I couldn’t acknowledge or admit this lack of health and happiness to anyone, myself included. Instead of feeling my feelings, owning my shit, and taking responsibility for myself and my life, I ate.

At 5’4 and 25 years old, I weighed a casual 318 pounds.

My first retreat experience changed everything for me. I met Patricia Moreno and took her intenSati class. Patricia is the founder of the intenSati Method, a super inspirational and totally badass workout, and she will be teaching us at Jamie’s MYL Retreat in May.

That intenSati class and the conversation that followed was truly a life defining moment for me.

I finally cracked.

The switch flipped.

The lightbulb went off.

I cried for the first time in so long.

Everything I had been denying just came pouring out.

Patricia and I walked and talked for what felt like forever.

I told her things I had literally never told anyone before.

Things I had really never even allowed myself to think or feel, probably because I was just so scared to actually admit that I didn’t have it all together.

I told her about a terrible relationship + breakup that I just wanted to be over.

I told her that I hated my job that had once been my dream, and that I was so scared to tell my parents and potentially disappoint them.

I told her that I really did want to lose weight, but that I also really didn’t know if I could do it.

I told her all of these things I had never even admitted to myself, and I had literally known her for all of two hours. As I type this, I am realizing how crazy this might sound. Opening up and sharing my deepest, darkest secrets with this woman I had just met? What was I thinking?

At the time, that didn’t even cross my mind.

It just felt right, and safe, and okay, so I just let it all out.

I opened my eyes and my heart to everything I had been burying for so long.

Everything shifted in that moment, and I saw myself + my life completely differently.

Looking back on it now, the space created by that retreat is what allowed me to have this moment with Patricia. This moment that literally changed, defined, and probably saved my life.

The retreat created the space for community + connection.

The space for stepping out of my comfort zone + redefining myself.

The space for feeling my feelings, owning my truth, and deciding to make a change.

The course of my life has been forever changed as a result of my experience at that retreat.

If you feel like you need that space…the space to find community + connection, the space to step out of your comfort zone, to redefine yourself, to feel your feelings, own your truth, or make a change, I invite you to join us at Jamie’s Master Your Life Retreat.

There is no doubt in my mind that this will be one of those life changing, life defining, and life saving kind of experiences. We already have the most amazing group of women attending, and we would love for you to join us.

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With so much love,


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