Let Me Introduce You To… The Love Shack


I’ve never been so excited to introduce you to something!! I have been waiting for this day for quite a while.

Do you remember my friend, Ali Leipzig, a fantastic Body Confidence Coach? Her and I did a couple of online events together, jamming with you about your relationship with food and your body.

Well, Ali and I received so much positive feedback from you guys that we went ahead and created something WAY bigger.

We’d like to introduce you to The Love Shack: The coolest club for all things intuitive eating, body confidence and living the good life.

What is The Love Shack?

  • membership society consisting of women who want to continually strive to be the best version of themselves
  • curriculum that guides you toward having an easy relationship with food, loving your body, and living a kick-ass life
  • fun, ongoing experience that encourages you to take concepts you’re learning and make them a part of your daily life
  • supportive, loving and safe place to come to be coached, create friendships, and relate to other women


Why did we create it?

Because we want BIG things for you.

  • We want you to be able to savor the sh*t out of a scone on any given afternoon without feeling any guilt or fear
  • We want you to be able to walk out of the fitting room of your favorite store feeling better about yourself than when you walked in
  • We want you to be able to go on a date and be exactly who you are: quirks and craziness included
  • We want people talking about you, saying “I want what she’s got!” simply because of your radiant beauty
  • We want you to experience the most passionate, ridiculous love ever
  • We want you to be able to trust that little voice inside yourself and know you’re perfect just as you are

Sounds pretty bangin’, right? 


So, why do you need The Love Shack? Here’s just a few reasons:

  • To Create Real Change: In order to make positive changes in our lives, we need an environment that encourages and enables us
  • To Have Constant Support: So often, we get down on ourselves and think we aren’t making progress, but when you have a supportive community it’s easier to see how all the small changes truly add up to make an impact on our lives
  • To Have A Crazy Good Time: This kinda work can be boring and straining but we’re going to show you how it can be fun and exciting! (house rules: every idea we have has to pass the “fun” test. If it ain’t fun, it ain’t happening)
  • To Be Guided By Experts: Ali and I have been through it all with our own journeys and through working with hundreds of clients. We’re showing you what works, what doesn’t, what to spend your time working on and what to let go of


Come on over and check out it out…

The first class starts on Monday (July 7th)!



P.S. We made an awesome video for you and we even included Bloopers so you can see exactly how ridiculous we are and get a sense for the fun we’re gonna be having! Here’s a preview:

Welcome To The Love Shack. 

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  1. This looks AWESOME! 🙂 And it is being run by two wonderful ladies. Thank you in advance Jamie & Ali!

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