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A couple weeks ago, I talked about how important it is to take care of yourself in lots of little ways so that you feel the way you want to feel as much as possible.

Well, there’s one time of year that keeping up with Self Care is especially tough — The Holidays. They can really throw a wrench in how you want to feel.

You’re surrounded by food that you typically have no control over.

You’re traveling instead of in your normal routine at home.

You’re dealing with family dynamics and that aunt that always comments on your weight.

The holidays basically throw routine and control out the window and make it especially difficult to take care of ourselves.

But, we have a choice around the holidays: let the holidays, our crazy family and the mountains of pie control US, or we can UP our self care even more and choose to create time and strategies to take control of how we want to feel during the holidays.

I choose doing whatever I can to not only survive during the holidays, but THRIVE during them.

Are you with me?

Even better, I’m going to make this super easy for you.

Ali Leipzig and I have created a totally free 14 Day Holiday Challenge to help you flow through the holidays with ease, beauty and confidence.

For two weeks, we’re going to give you small, daily challenges that will add up to make a big difference in how you experience the holidays.

We’ve mapped it all out for you, given you everything you need, and we are SO excited to guide you through this.

To join in on this experience with thousands of other women, click here to get signed up.

And make sure when you sign up, that you share it with your family and friends, too. You’ll be even more successful and have even more fun if your loved ones are doing it alongside you.

We can’t wait to celebrate an ease filled holiday season with you!!


P.S. Here’s the link again for good measure. Also, here are a couple of tweets you can send out  — I’ve made it super easy for you to get your friends and family involved!

I’m participating in the FREE #EBCHolidayChallenge with @jamieamendell & @alisonleipzig. Click to join. (click to share)

Embrace ease, beauty & confidence during the holidays with this free challenge. Join me! @jamieamendell @alisonleipzig (click to share)

2 weeks of feeling ease beauty and confidence? Hell yes! Join me in this free challenge. @jamieamendell @alisonleipzig (click to share)

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