What this workshop is all about...

In my work coaching women, the topic of dating + relationships always comes up. As women, we care deeply about our relationships. We just want to love and be loved - how could this not be an important part of our lives?

I love talking about dating because it's one of the best ways to practice strengthening the relationship we have with ourselves. Dating is really all about what's going on inside of YOU. 

Dating can really challenge us. It can be frustrating as hell, it can feel totally defeating, and it can be incredibly confusing. But it's hard for a reason.

Dating can teach us SO ​​​much. It can make us resilient and it provides a powerful opportunity for us to learn to trust and love ourselves unconditionally. It can be the avenue for us to grow immensely and come out so much stronger and more confident on the other side.
I’m going to help you forget how you’re “supposed to date” and show you how to just be YOU when dating, while having as much fun with it as possible.
My dating story (the very short version!)...

When I moved to NYC 9 years ago, I was terrified of dating. My self-esteem was at an all-time low and I was so insecure in my skin. I dreaded going on a date.

As I dated around, I got more used to the dating process, but I still struggled with my self-confidence. I was constantly focused on what the other person thought of me and always put guys on pedestals the second I liked them. 

Underneath that, I had stacks of negative beliefs about myself and about love. I didn't think that a guy I liked could actually like me back. I didn't understand why someone would choose me over all other people. I thought I needed to be like other women around me in order to be loved, and sometimes I felt so different.

 I started to work A TON on myself in this area. I hired a dating coach. I worked with a therapist. I attended retreats. I filled the pages of countless journals, digging into my inner world and trying to break through these ideas that held me back. 

As I worked through my beliefs about myself and about dating, my outer experience changed. I attracted different men. I started to love going on dates. While dating still felt challenging at times, I felt more at ease and self-assured, knowing how to navigate the ups and downs in my own way. 

Most importantly... I learned how to trust myself. To make decisions. To express myself freely. To be ME.

I have so many stories and lessons that I've learned in the past 9 years that I share in this workshop.

If my story sounds familiar to you at all, I hope that this resource helps you navigate the dating world with a little more ease and a lot less stress! 

What I cover in the workshop:

+ How to be excited by your own life and make the most of being single, while simultaneously honoring your desire for a relationship

+ How to navigate dating apps and the love / hate (mostly hate!?) relationship that most of us have with them

+  How to really trust yourself to make decisions that are right for you in dating and relationships

+ How to break down the "rules" or false beliefs you have about men and dating so you can find your voice, be more authentically YOU, and date in your own way

+ How to accept and express all parts of yourself, even your anxieties and insecurities that are inevitably triggered when dating

+ How to approach dating + relationships from a place of radical self-care
How the workshop is setup:

-  The workshop lasts approximately 2.5 hours

- You will get access to the full video workshop plus an audio-only version for your convenience

- I teach for the first hour, then there is discussion and Q+A with the women who were live, and then I teach a little more and bring it all together for you

- Ryan comes on for about 45 minutes to offer a male's perspective and answer questions from the women
What people are saying:

I LOVED the workshop! I finished it feeling more confident and ready to date.  -- Sam

I had a GREAT time! I feel a lot more confident in myself and in attracting a partner. I love that you said there is a lid for every pot...I have always said that to my friends, but I never took that advice for myself. I have really taken to heart the fact that somebody out there one day will love me, for ME, including my imperfections. -- 

This workshop really got my wheels spinning about dating, especially in terms of why I've dated the way I have and had the relationships I've had.
- Caroline

I LOVED this workshop. It was so much fun hearing your stories, tips, and advice. I also loved having your boyfriend on and hearing his perspective!

Thank you so much for the workshop! I have never done anything like that and I really enjoyed it. You shared so many thoughts and so much insight that really struck a chord with me and I'm excited to try out some of the practical tips. -- Carolyn
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