21 Day Intuitive Eating Challenge


  • You feel like you constantly need to control your diet and exercise
  • You often times eat for reasons other than true hunger
  • You feel guilty when eating unhealthy food
  • You have a constant chatter in your head telling you what you “should” and “shouldn’t” eat and you just want it to stop
  • You struggle with body image and self acceptance, in many or all areas of your life

You’re so incredibly frustrated with your behavior around food.

In fact, you feel down right helpless, like “will I always struggle with this”? “why can’t I just get this food thing down?” “what is wrong with me”?

The Intuitive Eating Challenge is a 21 Day program that walks you, step­-by­-step, from chronic dieting toward having a normal, carefree relationship with food. You’ll break free from the diet mentality and learn how to listen to your own body (no, this doesn’t mean you’ll eat ice cream all day every day, promise). Day by day you’ll start to look at food and your body differently, with more ease and less stress, more clarity and less confusion.



  • How to stop constantly dieting… and still lose weight.
  • What it means to actually listen to your body to know what / how much food is right for you.
  • How to be one of those women who can eat what she wants, enjoy life and still feel healthy in her body
  • How to reduce the amount of times you overeat
  • How to truly take care of yourself and your body

I get emails all the time with people saying “I read your website and it feels like you’re IN MY HEAD”. That’s because I went through this. Here’s a video I made where I talk about my journey with food and how intuitive eating completely changed my life:


Here’s How it Works




As soon as you sign up, you’ll gain access to the course platform. When you login, you’ll have all the juicy materials waiting for you. You’ll guide yourself through the 21 lessons in your own way, at your own pace. Some people love doing one lesson per day, and others like to spread it out to practice some lessons for multiple days.



You’ll also get access to a welcome video, over SEVEN hours of podcast-style Q&A calls that I’ve done throughout the years running the Challenge, a 60 minute Workshop on why having more FUN is crucial to having an easy relationship with food, and a 30 minute Audio Lesson + Corresponding Deep-Dive Workbook all about your relationship with food. As you can see, you get so much powerful material to dive into to help you EVOLVE.


A Preview Of Your 21 Lessons

  • Release The Power You’re Giving To Food
  • Remove Self-Judgement
  • Live As If You’re Already An Intuitive Eater (+ Exactly What This Looks Like)
  • Add More Pleasure
  • What To Do When You Find Yourself Overeating
  • What Kinds of Foods Do You Have Available?
  • Let go of Standard Meal Times and Start to Tune Into Your Actual Hunger
  • Tuning Into Your Body and Cravings to Figure out What the Heck to Eat
  • Learn to Drink Intuitively
  • Play With the Concept of Eating When You’re Hungry
  • The Three Reasons We Eat
  • The Four Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Eat
  • Learn What Hunger Really Feels Like To YOU
  • Self-Love and Self-Care and How They Transform Your Relationship to Food
  • Plan an “Intuitive Day”!!
  • Recognizing When You’re Full
  • How to Truly Feel Satisfied After Meals
  • Practice Intuitive Exercise
  • The Power of Connection
  • Follow Your JOY (+ Don’t Take It All So Seriously)
  • How Intuitive Eating Leads to Intuitive Living

You can get started any time and will always have access to The Challenge.


Can I purchase the Challenge anytime?
Yup, it is a self paced program. Purchase it anytime and work through it in your own way, in your own time.
Can I do the Challenge from anywhere in the world?
Yes! Women from all over the world have gone through the Challenge.
Can I access all of the lessons at the end?
Yes, as soon as you sign up, you’ll have access to a beautiful learning center that houses all of your lessons + bonus materials. You’ll have access to this forever.
What's the investment?
Can you tell me more about the Bonus Q&A Calls?
Back in the day, I used to run the IE Challenge a bit differently and offered one or two Q&A calls per month to whoever was going through the Challenge at the time. I recorded them all, so you get access to them now. I no longer run live Q&A calls, but the recordings are super helpful. Women just like you asked tons of questions (the same ones you probably would be asking) and I gave them clear answers. I’ve heard these recordings are really helpful to people currently going through the Challenge. Go for a stroll, pop in your headphones, and listen to these like you would a podcast!

IE Challenge Love

“Jamie helped free me from all the crazy rules I had for years”

I have been carrying around two mental lists in my life surrounding food. One titled “Should/Must” and another, even longer one titled “Can’t/Don’t”.  I am happy to say with Jamie’s help through the Intuitive Eating Challenge, I have crumpled up those lists and thrown them away.

With a clear, insightful, and lovable approach, Jamie presents her ideas simply, elegantly, and in a practical way. I felt like I could easily apply each day’s learning to my life, and received immediate feedback through my happier and “lighter” way of being.

The Challenge helped free me from all the crazy rules that I have been following for years, and helped rid my head of my obsessions surrounding food and the scale. I feel like I am finally free, and able to see clearly with no more battles to wage against my enemy self. And I am loving, yes, LOVING to eat again.  ­

Melinda McCann | Accounting

“Every woman should participate in the Challenge”

Every woman should participate in the Intuitive Eating Challenge no matter where they are in life. These lessons go beyond food and teach us how to cultivate a life full of love and passion.”  ­

Annie S. | Financial Planner

“I would recommend the Intuitive Eating Challenge a million times over to everyone I know”

Where do I even begin to talk about the Intuitive Eating challenge? Simply with words that say Thank You. Thank you for reminding me that at the end of the day, I am a beautiful person and should love myself exactly where I am at.

The most noticeable difference I have experienced since the challenge is how I order food. Just last evening as I ordered a chicken burrito at a restaurant. While ordering a friend said out loud to the table “Gosh don’t you just love the new Kristina? Remember how lame she used to be?”. This comment brought a smile to my face. It feels good to see people notice how much more relaxed I am about meals and the food that’s being served.

What I did not anticipate to gain from the challenge is the mental and emotional cleanse. I am no longer on an emotional roller coaster of what to eat and what not to eat. I am simply living life with joy. Food is something to be excited about, to be passionate about and not

As part of the challenge, you are invited to a community of women that are sharing the same pain and struggles with you. It is as though you are welcomed to a dinner party with your close friends to drink wine, cry tears, laugh and share stories about how much of a blessing it is that we are alive. That we have bodies that are capable of bearing so much and that we should love them. We only get one body so why would we not?

So thank you Jamie. Thank you for offering up your wisdom, being real and listening. I would recommend this challenge a million times over to everyone I know.

Kristina Schermer | Second Grade Teacher in Honduras & Blogger at My Hearts Pitter Patter

“Food doesn’t have any control over me any longer”

I now can firmly believe that I can eat anything without fear of gaining weight. That’s HUGE!

I am really sad that the 21 days of the Intuitive Eating Challenge are over. I would literally roll over in bed every morning to turn off the alarm on my phone and immediately check my email to read Jamie’s guidance for the day. I wanted to make sure that I was starting my morning off on the right foot!

I think the biggest benefit I’ve gained from the program is an emotional release from my food. It didn’t even seem to take any effort, but I just realized one day, a few days into the program, that food didn’t have any control over me.

Natalie Melchiorre | Personal Stylist at NatalieMelchiorre.com

“I love how real Jamie is”

I’m no longer scared of social outings, eating food that’s “not so good” for me, or giving my body what it craves.

The Intuitive Eating Challenge was exactly what I needed when I decided to address my emotional eating. I looked forward to the reassuring emails each morning, and they totally set the tone for my day. I loved how real Jamie was – her examples really hit home and made sense.

Jamie is helping me change my relationship with food. By releasing those stressors, I’ve been much more able to treat my body correctly, let go of anxiety, and lead a much more relaxed and happy lifestyle.

Clare Brady | Medical Student & Healthy Living Blogger at Fitting It All in

“I finally feel like I’m living my life!”

Intuitive Eating has really saved my life in a sense. I feel like a whole new person and it’s amazing.

I was bingeing a lot before the Intuitive Eating Challenge and was really unhappy. Since doing the Challenge, I FINALLY feel like I’m living my life! I’m doing things I’ve always been self-conscious about doing­ like dancing in public at a concert last night! I honestly feel so much more confident in myself and the binges have stopped. It’s truly amazing how much you can be freed from stress and other troubles by just letting go of food obsessions and eating intuitively. Intuitive Eating has really saved my life in a sense. To any woman considering taking this challenge, my advice is DO IT!!!! It will help you more than you can imagine.

Kim Whitbeck | Student