Ice Cream, Binge Eating, and what you need to know

I have to tell you, today I licked the most delicious ice cream cone.

The flavor was “Black Sesame, Ash & Chocolate Cake” (I know, interesting), and each bite was better than the next.

I strolled through the sunny streets of NYC, licking my cone, in pure bliss.

I hadn’t planned to eat this ice cream cone at all.

In fact, I had planned to be writing to you in a coffee shop somewhere at that time!

But after lunch at a cafe downtown, I just felt like an ice cream cone.

I wasn’t “hungry” (I had just come from lunch).

I had just eaten tater tots at midnight the night before after coming home from a Yankee game.

But, it just felt like the most fun and enjoyable idea at the time.

So I turned to Yelp, found the best spot nearby, and went.

As I walked through the streets licking my cone, I realized that I was walking on the exact streets I used to live on when I was at the peak of my struggle with food.

Memories flooded my mind of me walking those streets, bingeing on one ice cream cone after another after another.

I had been bingeing because I felt lost in my career.

I had been bingeing because I had already “ruined” my diet, so why not throw in the towel and eat all of the ice cream that night….and then I would vow to start “a new PLAN” the next day (sound familiar?).

I had been bingeing because I felt so disgusting in my body but felt hopeless about how to feel better.

It’s a miracle that today, I can see food and ice cream SO wildly different than I used to.

Today, food feels like the easiest part of my life.

I get messages from you all the time sharing your stories around your struggle with food and your body image.

It is a real problem that so many women are facing, all over the world.

And I’ve worked with thousands of you because I know how painful the struggle is.

I want you to know that you can turn this around if you’re stuck.

You can stop obsessing, counting, falling on and off the wagon, fearing restaurants, body checking in mirrors and reflections, comparing, hating photos of yourself, and beating yourself up all day.

In fact, you must!

It is no way to live.

It is keeping you SO held back, and SO stuck, and SO much smaller than you deserve to feel.

But here is the truth, that I am not going to avoid telling you…

It takes work.

It just does.

If it were so easy, millions of women wouldn’t be struggling with this.

It takes work to unravel your body image and weight story.
It takes work to understand your inner critic and manage that voice in your head so you stop feeling so bad about yourself all the time.
It takes work to learn to TRUST YOURSELF after years and years of NOT.
It takes work to learn how to find pleasure and excitement outside of food or the control of food.

I work with women who are ready to do the work. They may not know how, and they may feel very skeptical about something or someone being able to help them.

But they put their trust in me, and they take a chance on themselves.

“The work” doesn’t mean tons and tons of time. The women who work with me often have a ton of other obligations on their plate.

But it does mean creating some physical time and some emotional and mental space to:

Explore within themselves.
Question their own status quo.
Be guided by people who have been in their shoes.
Be open to a new way.
Experiment and Play with new ideas.

Are you done feeling stuck and DOWN about your relationship with food and your body?

If even a piece of you is saying “YES” right now, you owe it to yourself to give this a shot.

My Master Your Life program is open for enrollment, and while it’s already had rave reviews over the past two years, it’s even more built-out and incredible this year.

You are going to learn SO much about yourself.
You are going to learn how to take care of yourself in exceptional and deep ways.

And as you go through the program and learn how to care for yourself in ways you just simply did not know before, you’ll watch your relationship with food and your body transform.

I’ve got you.
I’ve been in your shoes and I know the pain. I know the mental obsession. I know the toll it takes on you every single day to be in this place.

And I also know how amazing life feels when this area of your life finally feels easy. It is not a small change. It changes everything.

I will be right by your side guiding you through this profound process. I can’t wait to see you in there!!

Here’s where you can enroll in Master Your Life (watch the video and then enter your info… you’ll be taken to the enrollment page with all of the details).


P.S. Have questions? I’m here to chat on the phone with you or I can also set you up to talk to an Alumni who has been in your shoes and has gone through the program. Just email me here and let me know!

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