How to deal with bathing suit season… and maybe even wear a bikini (guest post by Ali Leipzig)

Happy July 4th weekend! Before wrapping up for the weekend, I want to send you off with some amazing advice from an expert on the dreaded topic of… bathing suit season.

It’s tough for all of us to strip down and feel super confident with the way we look on the beach, but at the same time, it’s one of the best feelings to be able to drop those insecurities and just have fun.

So I brought in Ali Leipzig, who is spearheading the Love Shack with me, to share her story on wearing her first bikini and shedding the rules in her head that were holding her back.

Here’s Ali!

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Last year I said F*#K IT and wore my first bikini ever.

I was lying out on the grass on Monday morning, soaking up the sun, sporting a pair of cut-off jean shorts and a white tanktop. I didn’t bother putting on a swimsuit because all I had at the time was one-piece suits, and wearing cut-offs was showing pretty much the same amount of skin.

I looked around and I became really jealous of the other women around me. Not in the way I used to, where I would see a flat stomach, perfectly toned arms and legs and start thinking that I wasn’t good enough. This time I was jealous because they were showing their stomach and I wanted to have a tan tummy, too! I thought, “I want to tan my stomach tool! Why do they get to and I can’t?” Total 10-year old bratty Ali coming out.

The internal rant stopped about 10 seconds in when I remembered that if I wanted to wear a bikini, I could as well. And there wasn’t really anything stopping me except for those societal rules that I had taken on as my own, around what I thought was acceptable swimsuit attire for my body type.

Even though I swore that I would never sport a bikini until I got back down to my lowest weight, I suddenly didn’t care. The rules that I had places around bikini-wearing disappeared. I ran upstairs and ordered an adorable retro two-piece from modcloth, suggested by my friend Nazira Sacasa at Coco + Liz, who is all about dressing fearlessly. This suit (on the right) that she showed me looked like it would be really flattering for my body type. By the way, that’s the model from the website, not me!

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 4.58.02 PM

Five days later, my bathing suit came in the mail (don’t you just love online shopping?!). I put it on and adored my reflection in the mirror. I put on a blue cotton dress, gathered my watermelon beach towel and kate spade sunglasses, slipped on the nearest flip-flops I could find and quickly walked outside and past all of the bronzed men and women.

I took off my dress and sported my bikini. I was definitely nervous and self-conscious but then I realized that no cares besides me. Everyone was too busy worry about how they looked or what they were reading to even pay attention! I then enjoyed the sun basking down on my tummy and the sense of accomplishment that came from ditching a rule that was no longer serving me. That doesn’t mean all of the insecurities are gone, it just means I am more of the woman I want to be, because I am living the way I want to live. I’m not just preaching body confidence, I’m walking my talk on another level.

0ffdac28880929cc757931b552bc1904When you walk your talk, your soul smiles. When your soul smiles, it’s infectious.

This week I want you to think about what your swimsuit edge is. Do you have any rules about what is acceptable and what isn’t? Ask yourself where those rules came from and whether they are still true for you today. If that rule no longer works for you, take some action around it!

Here are some action steps for you to push past your edge. Take it one step at a time. This is all a journey and it’s important to listen to what feels best for you.

  • Do you always wear black suits? Maybe you can uplevel by purchasing a suit with some color or an animal print.
  • Do you always wear one-pieces but want to try something different? Look for those trendy suits with the cutouts or try a different cut than you usually do. One-pieces are super flattering and sexy. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • Do you want to try a bikini for the first time? I recommend going to a department store or a swimsuit-specific store so that you can try on all of the different styles and see what works best for your bod!
  • Do you always wear pants or a long-sleeve shirt at the beach? Try sporting some shorts and a t-shirt. Or A tanktop and pants.
  • Do you wear shorts on top of your suit? Try buying a beautiful sheer wrap that is feminine and fun. You’ll feel like you are one with the ocean, in her beautiful flowy nature.

Most importantly, have fun this summer! Summer is about laughter, play, sun, and nature. Get out there and do your thang, beautiful!

It’s Jamie again… isn’t Ali the best? She really knows how to speak from the heart.

And if you haven’t already heard, Ali and I also just launched The Love Shack. It’s a membership society for women who want to discuss all things related to food, intuitive eating, body confidence and living a great life.

Click the image below to read all about the Love Shack and get signed up.

The first class starts on Monday (July 7th)!



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