What it would feel like to be part of the MYL Retreat

With only a few days left to register for the MYL Retreat, I want to walk you through what the Retreat would feel like, just to paint a picture for you to help you decide.

I would think that for some of you, it’s hard to even imagine what this Retreat would look and feel like, especially if you’ve never been to one before.

So… my friend… I’ll take you on a little journey…

Imagine arriving Thursday (May 18th) to a gorgeous, homey loft, with high ceilings and big windows, to meet me and the other women at the retreat. Candles will be lit (obviously), some tunes will be setting the mood, and we’ll be casually mingling.

​​​​Nerves will naturally be in the room, and that’s okay – we will be doing everything we can to help you feel more at ease and comfortable.

​​We’ll head out of the loft as a group and walk through one of the prettiest NYC neighborhoods to “The Kitchen” – the place that our private chef, Michelle, will be cooking all of our meals. We’ll sit down to an opening meal at a long rustic wood table and enjoy a delicious family style meal as we settle in.

During dinner, we’ll be getting to know one another. Melanie (my business manager / sidekick) and I will guide you through intros and we’ll ease you into the group. Your nerves will start to lessen as you see that everyone is so similar and you’re in SUCH good hands!

​After dinner, we’ll head back to The Loft for a beautiful, soulful, heart-centered opening ceremony. You’ll have the opportunity to ground into the experience you’re about to have, and set intentions for the weekend. You’ll leave feeling relaxed, centered within yourself, and excited for what’s to come! 🙂

​​​​​Then, you’ll go get your beauty sleep!

​​​Friday morning you’ll walk in refreshed and ready to learn. You’ll of course be fed a delicious breakfast by our chef to fuel your beautiful body for the day.

​​​​The first workshop is all about your inner critic. Romy Rost and I will be guiding you to explore your specific inner critic, where she holds you back in your life, what she is trying to protect you from, and we’ll be helping you learn how to manage her. This is such essential information to know about yourself if you want to live a bold life fueled by your deepest, truest desires. We can’t wait to see you take a step back and get to know these parts of you so that they don’t continue to take you down quite as often.

​​​​​Oh, and of course, we’re providing you with the CUTEST journals for these workshops…they are currently sitting in my apartment and I am obsessed.

​​​​​​​​​Okay, so after learning and digging deep for a while, it’s time for lunch! We’ll stretch our legs and walk back to “The Kitchen” where Michelle will have lunch prepared for us. We’ll lighten the mood and just take a breather while refueling our minds and bodies.

​​​​​​Then… we get to jam with Jenn Racioppi (my very own mentor). In our second workshop, she’s going to help us explore our emotional worlds… our hearts… our feelings… our values… and teach us how to have “feminine resilience”. This is the art of being able to go for what we want in our lives and live out our dreams, while having the strength and resilience to handle ALL of the emotions and ups and downs that come with the journey. This is SUCH important stuff and something we can ALWAYS try to get better at. I am personally so excited to learn from Jenn during these few hours!

​​​​​So after you’ve been deep in your heart, then you get some free time. Because we all need to just chill!

​​​​​​You can go back to your hotel or Airbnb and relax, you can peruse the neighborhood and shop, you can go to a coffee shop with a new pal and grab a matcha. Whatever your heart desires!

​​​​​​Then, we will come back together for another delicious family style meal cooked by Michelle, and then we head into our Friday evening ceremony!

​​​​​​By now you’ll probably be feeling way more relaxed and comfortable with the group, and the dynamic on Friday night is going to be so fun. We’re going to be able to connect to ourselves and each other in a new way!

​​​​​​Friday night we are bringing in Dyan Tsuimis who will lead us through a Sound Bowl Meditation. Have you ever done this? It’s AMAZING and so so so relaxing. I can’t wait to gift you this experience! Other than that, we’ll just be bonding, hanging out, and treating ourselves to tons of self-care!

​​​​​​Saturday morning you’ll come in ready to dive into Food and Body talks throughout the day with Simi Botic (you’re going to LOVE her!) and I.

​​​​​​In our first workshop, we’re going to dive into Body Image, because we all struggle with that in some capacity, right!? Simi and I have both been through SO much with our own bodies and body image, and we are so excited to go deep with you on this and help you seriously transform the way you view your own body. Body image stuff can seriously take us down, and we both know how freeing it feels to be on the other side of that, and we can’t wait to help you get there.

​​​​​​Then… we get to do the most inspiring workout ever… intenSati!!! You guys are really in for a treat. We have the founder of intenSati, Patricia Moreno, teaching us a private class. This workout brought me to tears when I did it for the first time several months ago. It’s an amazing full body workout that incorporates a spiritual / mindset component to integrate your body, mind and soul all into one experience. It. Is. Amazing.

​​​​​​We purposely set this up right after the Body Image workshop to help you integrate what you learned that morning into your body.

​​​​​​Next, we refuel with yet another delicious lunch cooked by Michelle, and head to The Loft for our next workshop… FOOD!

​​​​​​Simi and I will be helping you sort through your relationship with food during this workshop. Some of you are likely stuck in the diet / binge cycle, and maybe some of you aren’t, but you want to start taking care of yourself better with food. Maybe you want to be more intuitive about food instead of obsessing over food decisions all day. Wherever you’re at, we’ve got you covered. We have been through it ALL and have coached thousands of women around these exact issues, so we are here for you 100%. Get ready for some breakthroughs!!

​​​​​​After that… it’s more free time! Go back to your place, relax, get all dolled up, and we’ll see you out on the town for dinner!

​Simi and I are taking you out to an incredible NYC restaurant for an “Intuitive Dinner”. We’re going to have so much fun celebrating our last night together, while also walking you through how to eat out at a restaurant with so much ease, joy, and fun.

​​​​​We both used to constantly stress about eating out — what we “should” choose on the menu, how many calories we were eating, etc., and we are going to experientially teach you how to get out of that way of thinking and just enjoy yourself and your life.

​​​​Plus, Saturday night is going to just be plain fun. Cheers! 🙂

​​​​​​By Sunday morning you’re going to be feeling so good. You will have learned so much, taken some deep dives into yourself and your self-care, and bonded with the group in so many beautiful ways.

​​​We’re giving you a long Restorative Yoga class Sunday morning with my favorite teacher who is coming all the way from D.C. to teach this class! You’ll take this time to integrate what you’ve learned and just give yourself some lovin’.

​​​​​​After yoga, we will head back to The Loft for brunch and a Closing Ceremony. We will intentionally close out the Retreat in a beautiful, soulful, purposeful way to leave you feeling grounded, clear on what you are walking away with, and ready to take what you’ve learned and integrate back into your normal daily life.

​​​​​You’ll say your goodbyes, give and get lots of big hugs, maybe shed a tear (I know I will shed many… HA) and be on your way back home.

​​​​​​Then, I will just miss you. Terribly.

​​​​​​And that’s the MYL Retreat Experience! Wow, writing that out got me even more excited than I already was.

​​​​​​Of course, there will be follow ups and ways to help you continue to sink into what you learned, and you never know where some of the relationships you create with the other women will take you.

​​​​​​What do you think?

​​​​​​I hope that this helps paint a bit of a picture of what this would be like for you. I know these experiences can sometimes seem vague and “out there”, so there’s some more detail for you.

​​​​​​​​​I would absolutely love to have you join us! We are closing registration this Sunday (in 4 days!) so please hop on it now if this interests you.

​​​​​​​I know that this take a leap of faith.
I know that it is an investment – both of your finances and your time.
I know there is uncertainty and unknown about who you may meet and what it would be like.
I also know that this is such a unique environment to heal, to connect to yourself in ways that sometimes only an experience like this can facilitate, to grow, to learn, to feel so taken care of and supported, to connect with other incredible women, and to feel a deep sense of joy and fulfillment as a result.​​​​​​​

I would absolutely love for you to join us… you can register right here.

​​​​​Love you!

​​​​​​​And of course let me know if you have ANY questions. I am just an email away.


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