21 Day Body Image Challenge


You’ve been through a LOT with her.

You’ve gone through times of desperately wanting her to change – standing in front of a mirror pinching and prodding at every single imperfection, so disgusted and frustrated that your body doesn’t look like the bodies you see on Instagram or magazines.

And then you’ve gone through phases where you’ve tried to “love your body”, because you heard that’s what you “should” try to do. You’ve attempted to accept her as she is, only to end up catching a glimpse of yourself in a reflection or a picture and sinking into a pool of self-judgement, right back where you started.

You’re so scared that if you don’t have the “right” body, that you won’t get what you want out of life. The beautiful relationship, the admiration from other women, the approval from your family, the reputation in your career, the joy, the ease, the happiness.

You think:

If only I was thinner, I’d be able to wear all the pretty clothes and they’d look effortlessly good on my body.

If only I had a better body, I’d be able to attract the kind of partner I am actually attracted to. Or, my current partner would find be more attractive.

If my body looked better, people would think I was thriving and so happy. I want them to think these things about me.

But at the same time, you’re so exhausted from trying to constantly fix and change the body you’re in. You’re tired of seeing pictures of yourself and immediately zooming in on what you don’t like. You’re tired of feeling held back in your life because of your body. You’re tired of always worrying about people judging the way you look.

You know there must be another way.

You’d do anything to feel that vivacious confidence NOW.

You want to feel sexy NOW.

You want to feel free of all this noise NOW.

You want to end the fight with your body, but you just don’t know how.

I am here to help you.

I spent decades in your shoes. I used to barely be able to look at my body in the mirror, and I was convinced that I would never be loved and accepted unless I lost weight and looked like the “other cool girls”. That led to a decade-long struggle with food, as I was constantly trying to control the size of my body through food.

Today, the relationship I have with my body is founded in deep respect and unconditional love. I no longer try to control her size, because I know that the size she is will always continue to fluctuate, and my self-worth is no longer tied to it. I have an actual close bond with her; I listen to what she needs and I do my best to honor that, daily.

And life feels a heck of a lot easier, more fun, and lighter without the constant fight with my body. It’s opened up my brain to be able to focus on the 1,000 other things that are important in my life.

I want this for you, too. For every woman.

This is why I created The 21 Day Body Image Challenge, which teaches you, step-by-step, how to transform your relationship with your body.



  • Know there is way more potential for the relationship between you and your body
  • Want to be able to say “I respect and honor my body and treat her beautifully.”
  • Want to feel sexier, more vibrant, and more confident in your skin no matter what phase your body is in or what your weight is currently at
  • Want to be able to tune into your body to access your intuition, understand your emotions, and lean into your inner guidance
  • Want to truly feel like you adore and respect your body so freakin’ much, even though you may still wish parts of your body were different
  • Want to feel like you and your body are on the same team and incredibly connected, tackling the ups and downs of life together, every day
  • Want your brain space and energy to be freed up to devote to so many other important things in your life

Walking away from the course you will have:

  • A plethora of actual tools, practices and rituals to help you connect to your body and treat her beautifully every single day
  • A new perspective on the body you’re in, even if you currently really struggle with loving and accepting her
  • A greater connection to your intuition and inner guidance to help you make big and small decisions in your life
  • Access to so much more confidence and joy that already lives within you. I want to see you living your life with so much more of that, and so much less stress and insecurity.
  • A feeling of connection and community that you’ll gain from going through this with an intimate group of so many other incredible women striving for the same thing

How The Format Works




We open the Facebook Group on Monday, July 20th and all get to know each other and do some Warm-Up Exercises before the first official lesson drops on July 22nd.


Each morning at 6am ET, a new lesson will pop into your inbox. Each daily lesson begins with Coaching and then has a Challenge / Action to get you into action around creating change for yourself (people always say they appreciate how I am a very “action oriented” coach and that I give you real, practical ways to make changes. This Challenge is full of this!)

*note: depending on how the group is doing, I will likely give you weekends off to catch-up on anything and integrate, in which case lessons would be Monday through Friday. But I’ll feel into the group and we’ll see! 



Each day you’ll play around with that day’s Challenge. Whether it’s journaling prompts, a new way of thinking about something, or a fun activity I’ve given you, you’ll take a few minutes each day to implement the lesson.



You’ll also get access to our private Facebook group where you’ll be able to gain DAILY support from Jamie and contribute to important body image conversations.

Here’s a preview of what we’ll cover:

  • How to stop waiting for your body to “improve” in order to start LIVING fully.
  • How to shift your beliefs around what’s possible for you in the body you’re in.
  • So many practical and fun steps to actually feel connected to your body – like you and her are old pals – so you can tune into what she needs and care for her, beautifully.
  • What to do about those parts of your body you have such a hard time accepting.
  • How to address the moments when you feel unworthy, unattractive or unlovable.
  • How to actually step into the version of yourself that wants to feel confident, sexy, and free no matter what her body looks like.
  • How to stop feeling like you’re “on the wagon” and “off the wagon” around caring for your body. No more of that. We’re going to help you get to a place where you’re naturally caring for your body… consistently. Without willpower or force.
  • How to think about getting dressed in the morning and bring more beauty and enjoyment to this part of your day.
  • Creating an intuitive and joyful relationship with exercise and movement.
  • What it actually looks like and means to “listen to your body” around what to eat.
  • Intuitive Eating and creating a way of eating that works for YOU.
  • So much more…

Daily Time Commitment:

  • 2 minutes to read through the lesson each day
  • The Action / Challenge each day varies in terms of time. Some require no time because they are just shifting the way you do something you already do (dressing, showering, eating, etc.). Some will take you up to 15 minutes to do (journaling prompts, reflections, fun little activities)
  • A minute or two to share your reflections in the FB group if you’d like
  • Overall, I would say anywhere between 5-20 minutes per day, depending on the challenge that day and how much time you want to spend in the FB group
  • *note: as mentioned above, depending on how the group is doing, I will likely give you weekends off to catch-up on anything and integrate, in which case lessons would be Monday through Friday. But I’ll feel into the group and we’ll see! 


BONUS: One of the biggest bonuses of joining now is that I am running this group LIVE, meaning that I am in the Facebook Group every day with you – teaching, answering questions, adding extra tips and stories, and supporting you. Typically, this course is self-paced and done on your own, but this time, you get me there with you every step of the way. Plus, you get a group of women going through it with you at the exact same pace.


The course is currently running and is closed to new enrollment. Click the button below to add your name to the Interest List and I’ll notify you when I either open it again or give you access for it to be a Self-Paced Course!


Love for the Body Image Challenge

“I would recommend this challenge to any woman who is experiencing any kind of body image issue and/or low self-esteem because of body image struggles.”

I really appreciate that Jamie has also gone through this journey and had her own challenges with food and body image. She is honest, relatable, and she makes the work fun! It is definitely worth signing up and doing the work – your body will thank you!

Abby Witkin

“In previous challenges I’ve done, I haven’t really shared in Facebook groups, but I found that interacting with the other women and being more open and vulnerable during this challenge was really empowering and helped me feel less alone.

I also really enjoyed and benefited from Jamie’s interactive and supportive feedback in the Facebook group.

I would definitely recommend this challenge to anyone struggling with their body image! It really helped me set aside some time to cultivate a stronger relationship with my body and I have a much greater awareness now of how I treat her. I also feel like I have a really practical toolkit now that I can continue coming back to when I need it.

Danielle Fulmer

“My relationship with my body has always been difficult and I have never been satisfied with my body as is.

I let this rule so much of my life and it was utterly soul-crushing. I signed up for the Challenge because I knew it was time to really focus on how I felt about my body and to improve the relationship I had with her. Since the Challenge, I’ve been feeling much more comfortable in and with my body as it is now. The changes I’ve seen in myself have been really positive — it’s a great feeling and certainly a lot less stressful!

I loved the daily challenges, and they definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. I really liked that each one seemed to lead you to the next and it all progressed very naturally. I also thought the feedback from Jamie in the Facebook group was so helpful. She would ask questions that lead to deeper insight and often made me think about things from a different perspective.

I would definitely recommend Jamie’s Body Image Challenge! So many women are struggling with body image and could use some help finding their way to more peaceful relationships with their bodies. The challenge is simple to do, it has a lot of impact, and I love that it can be done at your own pace and over and over again.

Beth Valkenberg


I would absolutely recommend Jamie’s Body Image Challenge to every girl I know. Every girl struggles in one way or another, in different areas and on different levels, but we all have insecurities when it comes to body image. Whether you feel like body image is a big issue for you or not, this challenge will bring up stuff you might not even know you struggle with.

Before signing up for the challenge I was nervous about the time commitment. I only wanted to do it if I could really give 100%, but something I learned in the challenge is that you can’t always give 100% to self-care, but every little bit helps, and honoring that is the actual essence of self-care.

One of my favorite things about the challenge is how open and vulnerable Jamie is. She shares applicable examples from her own life that helped me to deal with similar struggles in my life in a healthy way.

It was surprising to me that at the end of the challenge I felt really satisfied with the work I had done and the place I was at, even though I didn’t lose any weight or magically stop craving sugar. There was surprising contentment with nothing changing on the outside but everything changing on the inside.

Kat Nesbitt

“I would absolutely recommend Jamie’s Body Image Challenge.

Honestly, any woman alive in this society has body shit they need to work on! Personally, I didn’t expect to see changes in my eating as a result of the challenge; I’m very firmly in the anti-diet camp and had done a lot of work on food/eating. But I was struggling with my relationship to my body in other ways.

Before the challenge, I felt like my body was letting me down; I was angry at my body, I blamed it for holding me back, and I didn’t take my own pain and physical limitations seriously. Since participating in the challenge, I feel like my body and I are on the same team. I am much more accepting of the reality of my physical pain and limitations, but I’m also so much more aware of what my body CAN do.

Don’t assume that if you’ve done body image work before you already know the questions and answers — this challenge takes that work deeper.

Kara Lowentheil