What last year’s MYL Challenge participants had to say

We are just a couple of days out before the MYL Challenge begins and I hope you’ll decide to join us! Don’t forget, the challenge is totally FREE because I want it to be easy and accessible for women far and wide. If you still need a little push to make the commitment, here is some of what last year’s challenge participants had to say…       If you’re looking to have an experience like this too, make sure to sign up for the FREE MYL Challenge now! Here’s the link to the Challenge…

9 reasons to join the MYL Challenge

We are just a couple of days out before the MYL Challenge begins and I wanted to give you a fun little list for why you may want to join us! As a reminder, this is a totally free and easy experience. I wanted to make it completely accessible for you! So here we go… 1. There are SO many awesome women from around the world who are already in the Challenge. I have been amazed by the connections I have made in the past several years via the internet, so you never know who you may meet! 2. Prizes. Every day. I love shopping for…

Introducing the Master Your Life FREE Challenge

I am sooo excited to share something with you today that I know you’re going to love! I am incredibly passionate about supreme self-care because it has had such an impact on my life and the lives of my clients. Not only did deep self-care heal my relationship with food, but it continues to be my backbone when it comes to creating a life filled with meaning, joy, strength, and confidence. I care so much about self-care (the kind that goes way beyond manicures and bubble baths) and I really want you to experience what deep…

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