how F U L L Y can you love your life? let’s up the bar.

If I think back on my life several years ago, there was such a disconnect between what I wanted for myself, and what my life actually looked like. I always had this future image of myself. Who I wanted to be. What I wanted to look like. How I wanted to feel in my skin. What kind of relationships I wanted to have. Dreams of the effortlessly skinny body, the sexy romantic relationship, the confident aura I would exude, the laughter, joy and fun that would permeate my wonderful daily life… These dreams always existed somewhere…

a one way ticket to Bangkok

I remember it like it was yesterday… I sat in my mentor’s office and sheepishly mentioned to her that I had been dreaming of traveling and working abroad for a while. After sharing my far fetched dream with her, I ended it with “but of course I can’t really do that’. What she said in that moment is something I will never forget and never stop thanking her for. She said “Jamie, if you really want to go travel abroad for a while, we need to find a way to make that happen. We have to listen to that pull.” “What?…

Everyone stopped telling me how skinny and pretty I looked.

Almost exactly two years ago, I went through a really bad breakup. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through, and as a result, I lost a bunch of weight. When I lost this weight, the comments from others were constantly rolling in: You look great. Ugh, how are you so skinny? I want to be like that. Tell me how you do it. You have such a good body. How do you eat whatever you want and stay so skinny? It was constant. There were always comments on my body, how great I looked, how pretty I was. And then… as my heart…

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