Interview with MYL Alumni, Stephanie

I am so excited to share an interview with you today that I did with one of our amazing MYL Alumni, Stephanie Fellenberg. If you haven’t heard about my signature virtual Master Your Life course yet, you can click here for all the details…or just keep reading to learn about the experience through Stephanie’s eyes. Stephanie lives in Germany and works as a marketing manager for a hospitality company. In addition to her beautiful story of transformation through self-care, Stephanie represents one of my favorite…

What people are saying about the MYL program…

Sometimes it’s scary to make a big investment. I have made many large investments in my personal development over the years, and it is ALWAYS scary! One thing that has really helped me figure out if something is right for me is to read testimonials. It’s so helpful to see that other people have been in my shoes and have seen REAL results from a certain program. We have gotten incredible feedback from Master Your Life over the past two years, and I just have to share it with you! So here are a handful of our favorite quotes…

Ice Cream, Binge Eating, and what you need to know

I have to tell you, today I licked the most delicious ice cream cone. The flavor was “Black Sesame, Ash & Chocolate Cake” (I know, interesting), and each bite was better than the next. I strolled through the sunny streets of NYC, licking my cone, in pure bliss. I hadn’t planned to eat this ice cream cone at all. In fact, I had planned to be writing to you in a coffee shop somewhere at that time! But after lunch at a cafe downtown, I just felt like an ice cream cone. I wasn’t “hungry” (I had just come from lunch)….

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