What are you making your extra weight mean about you?

The other day I was on the phone with one of my new private clients and we were talking about why she feels so uncomfortable in her current body. She’s someone who has been emotionally and binge eating for years and years, can’t seem to figure it out, and as a result, is carrying around “extra weight” due to her eating habits. She said that when she goes out into the world carrying this extra weight, people can visibly “see her struggle.” That extra weight screams… I don’t have it all together. I struggle with…

I want you to experience MORE Great Days….here’s how.

Last week, I got on the phone with one of my clients and she was telling me how everything was going SO well. She was feeling great, things were flowing, she wasn’t emotionally eating,… things just felt GOOD. She started to breeze over the “goodness” of how she was feeling, but I slowed her down. ​​​​​​​I wanted to spend waaayyy more time on this. I knew I needed to dig in. ​​​​​​​I said, “as important as it is for us to look at your challenges, it’s JUST AS important that we anchor…

Big Soul Retreat 2017: For Female Entrepreneurs!

Imagine living in a gorgeous estate overlooking the ocean. A private chef cooking you nourishing, healthy meals for 4 days. Waking up to morning yoga out on the deck, a gentle way to say hello to your body before a big day. Getting “good morning” hugs from women who genuinely want to get to know you, support you, and care for you. Workshops throughout the days where you get to sit back, learn, ask questions, and feel like a “student” again. Going on afternoon hikes out in the sunshine, breathing in the open air. Evening…

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