9 reasons to join the MYL Challenge

We are just a couple of days out before the MYL Challenge begins and I wanted to give you a fun little list for why you may want to join us! As a reminder, this is a totally free and easy experience. I wanted to make it completely accessible for you!

So here we go…

1. There are SO many awesome women from around the world who are already in the Challenge. I have been amazed by the connections I have made in the past several years via the internet, so you never know who you may meet!

2. Prizes. Every day. I love shopping for my clients, and I had so much fun shopping for you guys! I’m giving away a prize each day for someone who really takes the daily challenge to heart and shows meaningful participation.

3. A new perspective: the daily challenges will offer you a new perspective on how to look at yourself, or some aspect of your life. It’s so important that we bring in new perspectives sometimes — this is what opens us up to positive changes and ways of thinking that can propel us forward.

4. FUN! I’ve designed the challenges to be fun and interesting. I ran them by a whole bunch of my past clients to get their input, and they all gave me their stamp of approval and said they’re excited to try them out!

5. We can hang out. I LOVE getting to know my community better, and this is a great way for us to bond! I will be following along on your journey and giving you the opportunity to follow along on mine. I’m excited to get to know you better!

6. A chance to earn a scholarship for the Master Your Life Course. At the end of the Challenge, I’m giving away a scholarship to Master Your Life, my 8 week course that begins in October. The more you participate, the higher your chance to win this awesome gift!

7. You’ll walk away feeling so much closer to YOU. The challenge is designed to help you strengthen your relationship with yourself… the most important relationship in your life. You’ll notice that as you develop this, awesome things on the outside will happen as well.

8. Digestible nuggets. I’m not going to throw major life overhauls at you. I believe that change happens in slow bite sized nuggets, so this challenge is going to break things down for you and give you simple, accessible daily activities to play with.

9. Did I mention fun? Life is meant to be enjoyed. Pleasure is incredibly important. So you can bet that this is going to be fun!

Now, if you’re into this list, go get signed up! Here’s the link to the Challenge registration page.

I’m so excited to go on this adventure with you!

Lots of love,

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