22 Reasons to Join the Master Your Life Retreat

I’ve received so many emails and messages from you letting me know that you’re thinking of joining us for the Master Your Life Retreat, so I want to take some time today to paint a fun little picture for why you should join us (if this list resonates, of course)!

So here goes….

22 Reasons Why You Should Join Us For The Master Your Life Retreat

1. Let’s just begin with the food… k? You can kick back, relax, and enjoy a private chef cooking all of your meals for you. Michelle Kabler is our chef and she’ll be designing all of our meals to match the flow of the retreat. She is putting so much health + heart into the food!

2. Meeting women who share parts of your story. The women at the MYL retreat will all be women who want something more for themselves. They want to love themselves and their lives even more. They have struggles that you can relate to (as can I) and fears / insecurities that you will nod your head in agreement listening to. We are all in this together.

3. New York City!! You’re getting to come to one of the most unique, vibrant cities in the world, yet you get to experience it in a calm, cocoon, peaceful, self-care kind of way. The best of both worlds!

4. To be taken care of. I am a big caretaker and cannot wait to treat you to a weekend where you don’t have to think about logistics, cooking, planning, or taking care of anyone else. We all need these moments to receive, and this is that time for you.

5. The beautiful spaces we’ll be in. Being in beautiful environments is a big part of self-care and feeling how we want to feel. You better bet I have been all over the city scouting out the exact right “spots” for us to be in all weekend. Sneak peak: scroll down for a pic of The Loft we will be hanging out in for most of our workshops / coaching time! How gorgeous right?

6. Guest expert, Simi Botic: guys, you will instantly fall in love with Simi (everyone does) when you meet her. She has the most contagious laugh, love for life, and is soulful and incredibly wise all at the same time. She will be teaching alongside me ALL of Saturday as we go through the Food and Body Image work, plus she’ll be coming out with us to a fun “intuitive dinner” in the city Saturday night!

7. Soulful ceremonies, rituals, and just a little woo-woo stuff, because it will elevate you. I am not a super woo-woo girl, but justtt a little bit of it can take us to that next level and remind us of something greater than ourselves: community + connection to ourselves and the world around us.

8. A workout class that you will probably never forget. Several months ago, I tried out IntenSati for the first time and literally cried (joyful tears!). It was the most empowering workout class I have been to in so long. I knew immediately I HAD to have Patricia (the founder) teach a private class at my retreat, and we nailed it down 🙂 I cannot wait for you to experience this!!

9. Getting to experience springtime in NYC (the best time of year here)… imagine… sidewalk dining….iced coffees….sunshine all day…a renewed, excited energy…strolling around the most adorable neighborhoods… it’s the best.

10. CALM. PEACE. GROUNDING. I am all about balance, and even though we will be in a high energy city, I am deliberately creating a retreat that allows you to experience that while at the same time gives your nervous system that calm, relaxing, grounded energy. You’ll get to feel into what that sense of balance truly feels like.

11. Guest Expert, Jenn Racioppi: I am beyond honored that Jenn said “yes” when I asked her to teach at my retreat. Jenn has been MY own mentor for 3+ years now, because that’s how much I admire and look up to her. We are so so so lucky to have her teaching us about feminine emotional resilience: how to feel and relate to our feelings in profound and advanced ways (

12. Self-care gifts. Everywhere. When you walk in, when you leave, while you’re there. We are showering you with self-care and giving you everything you need to experience this to the max while you’re with us, but also after you head home. Who doesn’t love presents? 🙂

13. Yoga with mini massages and essential oils. Ummmmm YUM. Yes please! My favorite yoga teacher is coming all the way up from DC to teach us a private class on Sunday morning (I told you, I am seriously bringing in the best of the best!) and it includes massages and essential oils. I cannot wait for this one, personally!

14. I GET TO MEET YOU! It’s funny how many virtual relationships I have created over the years, and there’s just nothing like actually meeting you face to face. I can’t wait to get to spend time with you and hug you… in person!

15. Guest Expert, Romy Rost: Romy is my go-to for basically everything. She has incredible insight, uncanny intuition, and is a masterful coach. She’s going to teach alongside me about your inner critic. This is something we ALL have and always will, but it’s so so so important that we learn how to manage it so that it doesn’t run our lives.

16. Cheers!! We are going out on the town for a fun “Intuitive Dinner” Saturday night (our final night) and we’re working hard to secure the best restaurant for us to dine at (we have gone through about 50 so far… bc it has to be perfect 🙂 ). This is a chance for us to just let loose, enjoy each other, and Simi and I will be teaching you how to turn dining-out into a fun, intuitive, joyful experience.

17. Friendships and bonds that go way beyond the weekend. I have seen this over and over again in my work, as I bring women together. You will bond with the women you meet in a special way, different than your home friends. You never know what these relationships may turn into, far beyond the retreat…

18. FREE TIME! Personally, I know I always need some down time and free time at retreats to do my own thing and just chill out. We have built in plenty of free / chill time for you to relax and restore in between activities.

19. Sound Bath Experience. I don’t want to say too much about this because it’s kind of a surprise, but we are treating you to a suuuuper relaxing / meditative experience one evening. Basically you just get to relax while listening to a sound bath ceremony that will take you to a beautiful place within yourself.

20. To try something NEW. Sometimes, if there is a little part of us that is intrigued, we just need to say YES to things that are new, different, and unknown,. We never know who we may be or could be if we started to push ourselves beyond our normal comfort zone.

21. To feel incredibly SEEN and supported. How good would this feel? To be supported in your challenges, to be acknowledged for your strengths and celebrations, to be SEEN for exactly where you are at. That’s what you will feel at the MYL Retreat. It’s so important, especially as women, that we give ourselves these experiences to be seen and supported.

22. FUN!! I have to end with this one. Yes, the retreat will be soulful and deep. AND it will also be light and fun. Because… balance. I want you to leave feeling nourished on ALL levels… and with all parts of you feeling like they got exactly what they needed.

So there you have it… I could keep going but I like the number 22 so I’ll end there for now.

I hope this list helps you decide if the MYL Retreat may be right for you.

To see the entire schedule for the Master Your Life Retreat and alllll the details, click here.

And remember… the Early Bird Promo of 15% the Retreat ends March 31st (about 9 days away!).

If you have any questions about the MYL Retreat experience, please just hit reply and ask away! I am also happy to hop on the phone to discuss if you think it’s right for you.

Sending you lots of love and can’t wait to meet those of you who join us!


P.S. Here’s The Loft that we’ll be at for most of the workshops / sessions. How beautiful right?

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